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  1. It would be a map people can select to play. You wouldn't be forced to play it. Feel free to dish out some of your own ideas on how to attract more people to the game.
  2. Faster circles, a game takes 15 minutes tops. Once 30 people are in the game start the 30 second timer and start the game. Everyone drops from a platform in the middle of the island so you can jump anywhere. I would leave Apex and play that all night long. I think a lot of you hard core PUBG fans don't realize how many people you lose due to length of time a game takes and how long it takes to get back into a game. If you want to grab the under 25 crowd, instant gratification.
  3. Harold doesn't rush, he lets the game come to him.
  4. Are you going to actually go into the conference room and interview or just camp behind the fake plant in the lobby?
  5. How about you all put a boat with an engine/propeller on it and see if it slides down a hill backwards. Let me know how that goes.
  6. More concerned how he saw you in the first place? The guy was on the other side of the hill, by the time he came up you were almost around the other side of the jeep. And at that speed, I am calling b.s. on this one.
  7. 7 games and every one has been Sanhok. I am not joking. How can I test the erangel adjustments if you won't let me play it? I am done with this crap .
  8. You actually just made his argument, Microsoft Word has different versions for older computers. When they come out with a new Microsoft Word they don't force everyone to use it.
  9. I wasn't either the first night but after 3 or 4 days I really started to like it once i figured out how to play it...etc.
  10. Try Apex, give it like 3 or 4 days in a row. Watch a youtube video from Wacky Jacky to get the basics down. I never liked FPP but I am really liking Apex and have not played PUBG in 2 or 3 weeks after it being the only game I played for almost 2 years.
  11. Pause the video at the 26 second mark, you can see the player is just above the ground and there is a crate there that has nothing on it. As soon as he lands there are now weapons. So again we aren't seeing items before we hit the ground which causes a big issue.
  12. I totally agree but with APEX when I die, I am literally back in a game in what, under a minute? We finished second last night and the game took 14 minutes!!! In the hour and a half I have a night to play I am in 13 or 15 games maybe. I feel somewhat productive. That's like 4 PUBG games if that. I wish it was more realistic but 90% of it I like outside of that and I don't feel like i am fighting desync as well as an opponent. If I lose I lose.
  13. I tried APEX with a friend one week ago. I gave it a good 2 days then played one game of PUBG, have not played PUBG since. If you can get over the cartoon like affect, its not even close as far as performance, enjoyment, speed of play. I will check the forum every month or so and until I see a few posts of "This game is now running amazing" ........see ya.
  14. This is one thing I have always wondered about. Cold there not be different versions of the game and you download one according to what xbox version you have? Or is it too simple of a thought process?
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