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  1. PUBG has dropped to #14 on the current xbox most played games. It's lowest since release. Keep in mind PUBG got so desperate that it is also on the monthly game pass so people don't have to shell out the $50 (now dropped to $20 in stores and online) to play it either, it is next to nothing to play now. People aren't coming back, at least on console. It's down to the hard core loyalist and a random kid that just got the game pass for the first time.
  2. The goal for most parents is for their kids to live a better life then theirs. I think your grandpa would be happy to hear your issues are thumbs and joysticks versus genocide, all because of him and his generation and what they did for the world.
  3. How ironic calling APEX and Fortnite shit games when all of the PUBG payers have left this game due to poor optimization, programming glitches....etc. PUBG can't run above what, 20FPS consistently?? Yeah, Fortnite and APEX are shit games. LOL
  4. I never said it was a better game, he complained about wait times and I offered a solution. I didn't recall asking what game you liked so not sure why you are even quoting my reply??
  5. Which is why 80% of all shooter games on console are FPP. Looks like the nerds are the only ones playing TPP.
  6. I switched to APEX, FPP and when I die I literally am in a game in under a minute, not kidding.
  7. Why don't you just carry 10 grenades then in order to combat the issue if you think it is such a problem or such an easy way to win a game. I never get why people come on the forum and say "I keep getting killed this way" and then want it limited or nerfed instead of just following the same tactic. Just because someone else has a different way of attacking the game doesn't make it right or wrong, just deal with it and find a way to beat them. Also how are grenades being "abused"? You all that carry 300 rounds of ammo are "abusing" ammo. You don't need more then 150 rounds of anything. Unless you have an M249 possibly.
  8. You want people to keep developing and fixing the game right? I think that's his hidden point even though he maybe did not articulate it well. If people don't buy passes and skins..etc money starts to run out. You can only tell so many people to take a hike until your lobbies are empty and not enough players to justify having a team develop the game.
  9. If you guys think millions of players will flock back to PUBG if the game ran smooth you are kidding yourselves.
  10. It would be a map people can select to play. You wouldn't be forced to play it. Feel free to dish out some of your own ideas on how to attract more people to the game.
  11. Faster circles, a game takes 15 minutes tops. Once 30 people are in the game start the 30 second timer and start the game. Everyone drops from a platform in the middle of the island so you can jump anywhere. I would leave Apex and play that all night long. I think a lot of you hard core PUBG fans don't realize how many people you lose due to length of time a game takes and how long it takes to get back into a game. If you want to grab the under 25 crowd, instant gratification.
  12. Harold doesn't rush, he lets the game come to him.
  13. Are you going to actually go into the conference room and interview or just camp behind the fake plant in the lobby?
  14. How about you all put a boat with an engine/propeller on it and see if it slides down a hill backwards. Let me know how that goes.
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