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  1. If he had jumped at right angles to plane and ahead of you he may have had time to drop without you seeing. My standard mo is to drop at right angles to plane and go as far out as possible to loot in peace and then work my way in. But there have been a number of times I have done this, landed, and someone has been there already with a gun....it happens, not sure how. A few nights ago I followed same mo, checked around me constantly on way down, entered a building and about 20 seconds later heard footsteps in the building next to me. Probably lag in rendering in, who knows.
  2. Yeh a full year before solo win, very regularly top ten or top 5 but no dice. Had a couple of duo wins and a squad win before that (should've clarified my comment) Still happens I end up in the top ten or five and can't clinch the deal. I am a camper by nature and generally play hide and seek to the very end, not surprising my kill rate is ridiculously small, but it gets me to the top tier almost every time. I need to switch up and get more aggressive, and the few times I have it has worked. I get a bit precious after looting for what feels like an hour and then not wanting to get into fights and lose my gear. But that's the game huh, gotta get into it and get potatoed. Takes forever these days to get decent loot sometimes it seems a shame to engage every person you cross if you don't have to.
  3. any bike is a 'death mobile'....pistols are 'cap guns'.. when you die in a squad match and are spectating it's 'Patrick Swayze'ing' ..someone called the School 'Columbine' once but I quickly suggested that was a bad idea.
  4. i played about six games last night but season stats remained at 0... am I missing something?
  5. I played for a year before I got a chicken dinner.....two in one night is outstanding, well played
  6. Been watching these forums for a few months and decided to dip my toes in...OG xbox, low range controller, old man at the helm (40+). Four chickens in my one year + history. Bullet magnet...a snipers dream they call me. In answer to about thirty different forum topics over the last decade. 1. Playing duo and solo lately several times have landed as far out at right angles to plane as I can glide to, no one in sight nearby, landed, people loaded and shooting already. Instant death. 2. Mirrimar, ufo shapes left after crate drops seen in the distance..often 3. Still playdough buildings in Vikendi loading but no other issues despite no ssd and average connection. Playing OC. The freeze glitch seems to have stopped happening as much; still wearing my jacket. 4. Map selection is fine, mostly getting Sanhok now but it was spam central with Vikendi. Fine. So I get to practice Sanhok more and things will change in time. 5. Played a duo match with only four people on plane, my friend and I won with no gunfight about ten minutes in. And then it recorded in stats we won two duo chickens. Nice glitch, please keep it. 6. Red circle is fine, I like the chaos, hate it when it kills me but as noted it happens rarely so no drama. 7. What style? I camp like a mofo and start wide out and then streak in at full speed in a car and pray not to die. Otherwise it's forest gump all the way, surprising how far you can get in wide open spaces that way when everyone is hiding in the hills or ridges. 8. Camp in bushes? yes I do. Does it work? surprisingly more than expected even with a white level 2 helmet and a suppressed sks sticking out 5ft. 9. Playing squads, so many times jump in a car with people who have driven up steep hills towards gun fire and got us killed. Sometimes leaving them to die is just the best solution. No language problems either, in fact I love disjointed conversations, confusion and laughter, more fun. Been teamed, but take it with a grain of salt. Just start a new game. 10. When I grew up I had to load cassette tapes to load side scrolling games, kids got no idea how good they have it, this game is a miracle to people my age and complaining about the things that get banged on about here is nuts. The game is imperfect but the variables and coding would have to be a nightmare to keep on track. Nothing to whinge about here. If COD is better than have at it. 11. The loot randomisation is off kilter lately. Can loot five buildings and only have a shotgun and forty weapon attachments I can't use. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But the loot is spread weirdl at the moment. 12. The combi van is a coffin. 13. Main guns qbz and 416, so what? yeah. exactly. 14. The missions are ok but that 'oh the things you'll break' was worse than Milli Vanilli. 15. I like this game. I will kill you.
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