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  1. After tried many things, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the pubg...so far seems to be working...2 crashs since on 20 plus attempts...
  2. All of these setting has been already checked...and i repeat, this only happens on the warmup and only on this game...
  3. this is the 6 gbs vram bro, and all is on low...the graphic card it's updated, it automatically does that (did it yesterday)... The bios it's the 304, the last one...already checked the wifi drivers either while i'm writing this... Nothing works...just nothing works....
  4. i tried again after read your post...still crashes...its just fun because only crashes on this game...at this point i think i tried everything
  5. after play 5/6 times, the game comeback to the crashes...this game it's broken
  6. FINNALY, after tried many things, i did this and so far SEEMS TO BE WORKING!!!!! 0 crashs since!!!! besides this i also opened the pubg, them ctrl+alt+del, task menu, and seted the PUBG app to the higher priority Network adapter reset Also fixes "Network lag detected" during a match in some cases. Run cmd.exe as Administrator ipconfig /release ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /renew netsh winsock reset catalog netsh int ip reset reset.log Restart Computer After the restart, zero crashs again!!!!!
  7. Now i have a new problem..."Network lag detected" and i have 100 mb internet. The game crashs 3/4 tomes per game...jesus crist, this game its broken...
  8. Same problem? i just cant solve it...today traied switching the router to the DMZ...didn't solve the problem...
  9. Bro i really need help on this...the game still crashes
  10. Can u tell me how to do it? cuz i can't find it on "Device Driver"... If there's a problem with the router, than only affects PUBG, because i play more 5 online games, and i never had any issues...
  11. Something still not right...6 attempts, the warm up freezed 2 times...so maybe the TCP and UDP number aren't on the correct spot...
  12. i really need help on this step, cuz i'm a very big noob on this i openned the link on the 12 Step and followed the steps...openned the router settings (my router it's a Huawei HS8247W (this model doesn't appear on the guide https://portforward.com/huawei/#H , so i had to improvise with my low knowledge about this things)) and added the port on the guide for the steam's Pubg TCP: 27015-27030,27036-27037 UDP: 4380,27000-27031,27036 My question is...the TCP and the UDP numbers on the correct spot?
  13. So ok...i did the 9,10 and the 13 step at the same time...and the problem seems to be solved with de 13 step. I connected myself on the mobile phone internet, entered 6 times on the match...the warmup runs without issues and the game starts normally... After switch to my house's internet, the game crashed on 3 and on 5 attempt...so the problems seems to be the internet (maybe the router config) Mobile phone 20 mbs/s House 100mb/s I will try to do the 12 step now, and i will update this topic
  14. Steps 1,2,3,5,6,10,11,14 have been tested, and doesn't work...game still crashes. I don't have time now, but i will try the missings steps on the next 10 hours and give u feedback. thanks
  15. Hi guys. i'm having a big issue with the game and i really need help. 90% of the times that i play, the game freezes on warmup...the countdown freezes, i can't move, and sometimes the other player's movements start looping on the last one... The game doesn't display any error, EVER, and i have to go to windows and close the game on the taskbar...wait, and then, open the game again... This never happen after the warmup...if the game doesn't crash on warmup, i don't have any further problem. I already tried to reinstall the game, format the pc, update the graphic drivers, checked the integrity of the game files...nothing works... My pc it's a Asus rog laptop, G752VT with 16 gbs of ram and the geforce 970m i'm running the game on D : ( C : 256 gbs SSD and the D : 1TB not SSD) but before formating the pc i was running the game on C:, so the problem isn't here... I never had any trouble on the beta version of the game...this started to happen 3/4 months ago...Almost 400 hours without this problem... At this point, i'm not really enjoing the game any more...
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