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  1. Great update, improved graphics, runs a lot smoother, good to have a new season , but about one in three games I play I find a lot of ammo without the guns rendered with it
  2. I only Antagonize when Antagonized by you and your little “group” they may call you daddio but I will never call you That .....ever.....
  3. Finally got into a match at around 2 minutes
  4. I bet you know what “Butthurt” feels like......
  5. Look stop antagonizing me with your antagonizing words you know you can get banned for that......
  6. Anyone read about the PTS ? Ump 45? Vector 9mm? I can see increasing the m16A4 effective range but seems like the Devs could have done something better with their time... well there is a new gun at least....is Bluehole going broke or what? I heard some pretty good Ideas from some of the forum members,free to play, cross platform, you know what the competitors are doing.....
  7. Sounds like double standards to me kinda like me just getting back from a three day ban for “antagonizing” when I was also being “antagonized “ but I was banned but no one else was .......
  8. Oh yeah back to the subject of the topic ......people have been glitching through the cave for months now waiting for someone to bust them out with vehicles man how often do you actually play PUBG or do you just live in the forums?
  9. Don’t be messing with the AKM!!!!! That’s OG ....who came up with this list anyway?Is it legit or what?.....gas grenades sound good though.
  10. I’m fully prepared for negative feedback from the forum trolls bring it......but wondering would PUBG be getting any collaboration events in the future? And before you forum trolls say anything about what I gonna say next PUBG is my favorite game and none of your negative feedback is going to make me stop playing.But I just want PUBG to live and not die.So like anything in life you must adapt to survive. Ok Here I am playing PUBG and my kids are going crazy over fornite of course I hate to say it but fortnite is dominating PUBG in player base , events, Game awards....every time I turn around my kids are playing another event on fornite lately Avengers End game I mean fortnite is on the movie....anyway I’m talking to you devs your going to have to come out with something if PUBG is to survive get off your ass and do something I’m tired of hearing my kids screaming over new events and we have a damn stunt contest...come on!! Here’s what you need cross platform, collaboration events and I’d say look to the PUBG community for what they want.
  11. Your probably right about me having a me problem........because at first I was thinking me!???how could it be me?!?! I self sacrifice give away guns ,ammo, will risk everything to try to save someone. You need meds hell take mine....but then a thought hit me ......why do they call him MR.smalls............I’m sorry your right it’s me.....
  12. I can see your just a troll having negative comments to say about things people post “no life” I’m not whining about me and my bros accidentally killing each other I’m talking about Team killers who intentionally kill you and scream racist and vulgar remarks at you you can’t always have your full squad with you at all times sometimes you play with randoms. So STFU and actually read a post fully and comprehend what someone is posting before being so eager to troll someone and I’ll play what game I want when I want so you can also quit whining about g coins .......bitch
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