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  1. exactly that is what im hate about tpp
  2. can you give me the name of this app? or link?
  3. FPP player on PUBG console are really fewer than TPP, and FPP now is dead, and those who like to play FPP they don't have any choice except playing TPP, with this new map selection they bring back a lot of players and the upcoming patch it will increase Erangel loot that what we wanted from Pubg, of course, so if they want to bring back FPP to life they have to make it like the first time Pubg came to PS4, only one mode should available for FPP, duo or squad would be great, I'm sure this will bring back FPP servers to life, when they brought all the mode for FPP that was a mistake cuz it increased the estimated time to fill servers and it made FPP die, cuz no one like to wait 2 minutes or even longer to play one game, there's nothing make the Dev to not making this change cuz FPP already dead. we love the game and if you guys want it to be perfect you have to listen to your players. what you think guys?
  4. It's asking for 1000 kills and i reached 1000 last night and i didn't get any trophies. It's a glitch RDT_20190427_0209328041528939130494899.mp4
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