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  1. I don't get it. This is a problem that affects the gameplay and instead of complaining and trying to get the developers to fix the problem, you guys are giving excuses as if you were part of Blue Hole. Problems must be solved, especially when it affects some players.
  2. RevOverDrive with all the respect mate, are you a part of Pubg staff? Because instead of help us to solve problems with the game or even getting at least attention to some of the problems we have, you're always giving excuses as if you're one of them. The SA community is insane and we suddenly don't have SA duo e solo anymore, streamers are doing all they can to show that at least in Brazil we got sufficient players, not counting other big countries in our continent that plays the game. I'm pretty sure that Blue Hole will do something instead of saying that we don't have enough players, beggining with a post on their PT-BR fanpage talking about the disponibility of our servers, they know about this problems, and will make changes to try and give our server back. So please mate, if you got enough time to post here like if you're one of them, just try to help.
  3. What the hell is going on with MM? I play from Brasil and can't play SA for a long time, always being pushed to NA, and today after the patch, the game was pushing me to EU servers! And I can see people that regularly plays in EU being pushed to NA and SA WTF???
  4. Cara esse é um problema recorrente e eles ja sabem disso, pois esse bug consta nos "problemas já sabidos" Man, this is a recurrent problem and they already know about it. This bug is listed on the "known issues" post.
  5. Incredible to how devs don't even give us a word about this...
  6. For me it is the opposite, don't know why i'm being pushed to EU server playing from Brasil...
  7. Yes it can be too! The idea of having only 2 teams battling for the chicken is really nice!
  8. Can we have 50 vs 50 back? I've never had a chance to play this mode. Just an event, like we used to have some months ago!
  9. For me it really looks like that Bluehole just wants more and more money, I can't believe that maintaining a server can turn the profit into loss. They are just trying to maximize profit at all costs and this is killing SA player base. People start the game, see NA in all options, turn the game off and play other game. I just can't believe that they can't maintain the server.
  10. And it is hard to believe that costs is the main problem, considering their profit.
  11. Ok then. Let's just have hope for bluehole to defeat the cheaters, so we can at least play the game. Is there any way to force an Asian player to only play in AS? If these guys want to cheat, let them just play between themselves...
  12. Okay, probably not being shut down to cut costs, it was just a guess. If the problem is not costs, what the hell is happening?
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