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  1. Why?Game’s playerbase is almost nonexistent.Better to work on some way to get the players back like actually doing something about cheaters
  2. Yeah It’s the best one for me.I can pinpoint shots and footsteps very precisely
  3. Here buddy.Sorry I literally just got the notifications now that I was quoted.I use this with windows sonic on the Xbox
  4. @ColonicBoomI play on PC but assuming the sound is as terrible on console as pc you should hear what I hear
  5. Here you go buddy use this and you can sound whore footsteps like no one else
  6. I would like a crate item that automatically makes you undetectable to cheaters.I’s go For it every game
  7. Fired up pubg after a few days off and first death is to some dude name zhintsingFu or something like it.GG pubg do Americans or Europeans play this game anymore?Seems like half my lobbies are all Chinese dudes
  8. Yeah I will be doing the same.Great game just bad Developers. Are there any recent statistics on bans?I saw the leaderboards and most of the top 10 are all Chinese players too.I love this game but now every time I join a game I don’t even bother getting to the end since In my head all I think is “will a cheater kill me this game?”I’m not saying all my deaths are cheaters case I’m new on PC but I know what aimbot looks like
  9. I love this game so much but I feel like I’m forcing myself to play it now cause I’m finally getting good and can hold my own but then I get killed by some cheater with some weird Chinese name.Turns out he was streaming sniping some dude I killed cause I went into the guys stream through pubgreport and they mentioned his name.Bluehole needs to start banning people’s hardware like Apex legends is doing imo
  10. It Sucks because us new players just starting can’t even enjoy the game.Just got killed twice today to some dude with a Chinese name who didn’t miss any shots to the head.Even worse in one instance I was far as heck with a building in between him and I and he was still hitting me with headshots from about 300m away.Just started playing this a month ago and I think I am done 😢😢😢
  11. How about losing to cheaters with names like CHENGCHINGQI or with Chinese letters?
  12. Thanks dude I got all the accel’s turned off so my mouse is 1:1 and I setup my sensitivity to where from left to right is a full 360 nothing more nothing less.Thanks for all the advice I appreciate the help.Usually on the Xbox forum I would have just gotten roasted or told to git gud.They’re all toxic over there I’m glad they get no updates almost ever. Yes!In training mode with no attachments I can control the recoil perfectly but in game I aim right at the head,shoot and pull down and it’s like I got Parkinson’s
  13. Sorry I didn’t mention any!Its weird I can control the Beryl but when it comes to the scar or the AKM no matter how I have them kitted I can’t control the recoil and lose fights I should have won.i pull down so much my mouse comes off my mousepad and I have a Logitech g640.I normally use very grip but if I can’t find one I’ll take what I can get.Also the DMR’s jump like crazy so I miss half of my shots.(SKS,SLR)
  14. Yeah maybe! Lol true!I don’t panic because of the enemy though!i panic because I know I can kill him but I won’t cause I’ll screw up the recoil 😂!
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