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  1. And what's up with not being able to do weekly missions past the week..not cool just keep making this game worse. We should be able to do weekly missions at any time like you did in 1st season..why change it?
  2. And yet you see no response from admin because they could care less. It's pretty bad when you join into a game and there is only 30-40 people playing. On a positive side you can get top 50 almost every time you play
  3. Definitely aim bots look it up its possible and I have seen it. I know there are way better players than myself but when you run into someone that has 20+ kills in a match and after spectating this person using an assault rifle with a 2x scope using full auto looks at someone and scope locks to their head and has no recoil using full auto. Mind you they are pretty far away. And not only those things but taking bullets like a sponge to the head and health never goes below 25%
  4. Admin is always quick to blame it on something besides their messed up game. I get the same thing and flares more than half the time dont even work anyways..ie shoot flare up in the sky, see the flare, plane never flies in, flare eventually disappears.
  5. So may 7th has come and gone. Once again failed promises? I paid money for this game? Can I get a refund? This should have been a free game. So many other free battle royale games that are better than this. Especially when you still have to deal with aim bots and people knowing exactly where you are on almost a every game basis
  6. So what's the point of ending the pass before the season? I should still be able to access challenges, makes no sense.
  7. It has been almost a week since the season has ended. Where is the new season for ps4? I like this game but kinda pointless to play when you do not earn anything for playing.
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