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  1. It looks like an official xbox item on Amazon. But I dont want to get a banning from pupg if it's not. Anyone use this. I just wanted the back paddles but it does say mods on it also?
  2. Yes i Accept that and realize now that in the real world I would of probably died aswell from said crash. I will stick to roads more from now on thanks Andy.
  3. I'd take anything at this stage 2 months is long for an update. I hope the hotfix for the update doesn't take as long #
  4. I hit nothing yet fell out of the car and it says you ran yourself over. This sucked. YouCut_20190511_142305379.mp4
  5. I have many plans for the C4 like place on a vehicle and wait for a squad to get in it. Would C4 be overpowering in pupg? Campers best friend mabey?
  6. Turned out ok after all and feel good in my hands. Cant upload more as that's my daily limit.
  7. It will be amazing only if they ditch the OG/X for pupg 2. Imagine limiting it again so it was on parity with all consoles. It would be this gen all over. I hope I'm wrong do.
  8. Lol on second thought yes I might have to buy a new controller
  9. Mabey lol to much time on my hands. I can always try removing it if it does.
  10. So I decided i was fed up with sweaty controller. Only problem now is I can't play pupg tonight. I thought it would dry faster lol. But definitely will be more grip to it. Used Stone effect rustoleum spray paint I will add finished look when it drys out...if it drys out.
  11. I dont know how many people use this wepon really. I haven't died to a crossbow in weeks. But I seen your video great kill with it.
  12. Crossbows/magnem pistols/ 3 wheel bike. A lot of fringe houses around erangal that would not be missed. I could live with this what could you all live with losing for better performance because face it we got to lose something?
  13. Then I'm like Mr potato head. I play the same way all the time. But somedays I just come up against people who are lasers. Mabey I should go back to training area. Or start off each session by going there first ? Like golf practice area first then play lol
  14. Game has never run better for me. One X SSD.
  15. Hasn't it being extended again on pupg support Twitter. I'd say we will be lucky to see a new update in June hope I'm wrong do...
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