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  1. Same here, if I quit the game before the drop (whether on lobby or plane) the lobby works just fine, seems like the longer I live on the match, the longer it takes to return to game. I'm having to close the game using ALT+F4 and starting over, it's faster than waiting for any lobby response
  2. Yes, I tried, today I even came back with my old 120GB ssd, also no luck. Still have to try the VPN but servers are offline for now, guess it will have to wait till tomorrow (since I'm on GMT -2h, and work 9am to 6pm )
  3. Yes, I tried routing my mobile 4g which is a different company, without success, will try a vpn just in case Today I even tried remove all OC settings, after a lot of struggle with many settings (which are activated by default in my bios such as Hyperthreading and Intel Turbo Boost) in order to set everything OFF and have a clean frequency core at 3500MHZ (which is the nominal for my CPU), still having the same issue. It happens whether I'm playing on SA servers or NA.
  4. After every death, I look at this screen for about 1 minute until it finnally connects or even enable de ESC menu so I can restart lobby. Tried: -Fix game files (via steam) -Reinstall de game completely -Changed installation drive (2 ssds (C: D:) and 1 hd (E:), none of them fixed) -Installed a WaterCooler (my cpu was reaching 75°C to 80°C, now it tops 60°C) - Added new rules on windows firewall for all pubg exes (TSLGame, TSLGame_BE, ExecPubg, TslGame_EAC) I'm currently using a I7 3770K @ 4.2ghz, 16gb DDR3 RAM 1600MHZ, 2 240GBs SSDs, 1 1TB HD and a GTX 1060 6Gb Gigabyte Am I missing something? Does anyone have\had the same?
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