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  1. I watched the Console Qol video, and if there is something I got to say it's please PUBG add advanced settings (more precise sensitivity and more deadzone customization like axial deadzone or max imput threshold), the previous patch 8 for XBOX was insane, y'all did a great job but after all the optimizations/content updates the game needs lot more Qol updates like advanced settings (sensitivity, deadzone costumization), display settings (Ui costumization, motion blur) and maybe more that I haven't heard of yet, so please PUBG add advanced settings this is to needed, oh and btw the new cosmetics are insane keep going your doing good !!
  2. After reading this I don't understand why all this features (sensitivity, deadzones) that are essential in a free aim game are not in the game yet, I wonder if they only read the feedbacks of the players
  3. This feature will help people to get more accurate it was so asked a long time ago.I don't understand how this is not in the game yet (2 years after)
  4. They can also add axial, external deadzones to the game this would really help players to be accurate
  5. I also noticed that you can adjust the sens with your joystick despite of the left right button, this will allow you to go under or above a certain sens (like 10 for example ) even if it is inaccurate (cause you can get 10.3, 10.9 without even knowing it because the game still show 10 sens)
  6. I also just noticed that there are different deadzones in this games (if you adjust with the joystick despite of the right/left button the deadzones section it always gonna be a new deadzones like 11.3 ,12.1 even if it is not showed in the game ) the fact of adjusting deadzones correctly would also be a good feature to add to the game
  7. That's why they got to add advanced sensitivity settings, i'm pretty happy because now I know that me and my friends are not the only one complaining about this
  8. I'm agree but the problem isn't here, the big problem is the fact that the game don't feature any precise sens ( because for example the 6 sens is precise but too slow to track people or vehicles and 7 is fast enough( even too fast sometimes) but less accurate, the answer would be between 6 and 7 but the game don't have this feature), some games like Battlefield, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege have this feature so why not PUBG , the accuracy and the level of console players would increase a lot, the game would be better for everyone especially the type of people that wants to improve in this game .
  9. After the latest patch, I hope they watch this topic
  10. Happy to hear that I'm not the only one wanting this feature in the game
  11. It only goes from 1 to 20, they really got to do something about this, this feature exists on other games like Fortnite so why not PUBG
  12. It would be better if the sens were set on 200, it would create more precise sens like 193, 156 , and if someone wants to play the old 16 scope sens he just has to put 160
  13. I was mainly talking about scoping sens, I got a lot of friends playing the game and like 7 out of 10 of my friends are complaining about they're accuracy and for the 3 out of 10 friends they cant get better/ more precise because of the limitations of the settings
  14. We would need more advanced parameters, mainly sensitivity because we are limited compared to the PC version, for example on console we can only take 8,9,12,15 or change aim acceleration the same way (even if it gets even more inaccurate in general) while PC players can take an exact sensitivity like 25, 47, 63 to get really accurate, this feature would increase a lot the overall level of console players and also increase the dynamism of the game.
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