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  1. I was just in a game with you, you tried wiping my squad outside graveyard but died to zone like a noob . Backing up a bit, same game your name was in the killfeed... KILLING ALL THE AFK's lolz. Was about 10 of them I reckon, oh Harold, you so funny...
  2. Well, as a streamer, I found him to be an arrogant bigshot. I am sry if my opinion upsets his fanboi base 😂🤣
  3. Sry, I don't understand what you're trying to say.
  4. I subscribe to 7 streamers, I would never subscribe to GAGA as he is way arrogant, I wont even follow or watch him. Being a great player is one thing and I give him that but I cant stand players (streamers) that feed off their skill to boost their egos, be humble and just entertain us. Kaymind is a perfect example, an elite player, highly entertaining and NOT a jackass about it..
  5. its great for medium range AR sprays, I would never put the 3x on a DMR or SR, its just total shit for precise targeting.
  6. I played one match on erangal map on the pts and I found the loot considerably better to what I was used to. Landed gorge and with in a few houses I found a couple of scars, an M4, I am very hopeful.
  7. haha, overall. And thats my only account, no smurf account to get my stats pumped up like so many others. 4000 games and 990 wins, I think thats pretty good and I am more than happy with my progress. Considering the first 1000 games where just lagg louts and dying from vehicle explosions from invisible rocks..
  8. last season I maintain a 23% wr, 4.7 kd. If HB is best in the world I must be best in the universe
  9. I am playing from OC, cant get into a game at all. Have given up for the night...
  10. loot buff is noticeable, I just cant get into another game. I have given up for the night.
  11. yeah squads works right away, thanks
  12. Its nice to see team killing is still alive and well, first PTS game in and team killed for a lv3 bag, pathetic
  13. 21minutes waiting, no game yet
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