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  1. I disagree. He isn't talking about fully kitted gear right off the drop, he is talking about something in the game that in his opinion doesn't serve much of a purpose yet it also puts a strain on the games resources. So why not get rid of it. PUBG has set a precedence for this before. Not sure how long you have played this game but in the beginning they actually had random clothing on the floors of houses, warehouses...etc. People didn't think it served a purpose and was more annoying then anything so they got rid of it. Let the guy have his opinion as we haven't bashed you for yours.
  2. Wonder how hard it would be for PUBG to have people put on their account that they have a microphone and then match those people up for duos and squads, or at least try to? Maybe it's a fairy tale wish but I don't have time to search the boards for groups or have set times to play with set people. Nothing worse then getting a duo partner or in a squad with people that have no mic's. Just an idea.
  3. Anything that forces people into houses and stops fighting, in a game where a lot of people are likely to camp anyways makes no sense to me. Now if they had a thing where bathrooms would randomly flood and force people to leave all of the houses at the same time in a city would be something I would like to see.....
  4. You are on to something, not sure what the deal is though. I was playing over lunch and I could hear someone laying prone and crawling on a floor (you know that scratching sound like a sack of potatoes is being drug across a wood floor) but I was in a field about 100 yards from any houses (Miramar), no way I should have been able to hear that. Then next game 2 guys roll up on us at a full sprint over a hill on Sanhok and I never heard them, I happen to spin around randomly and saw them running right at us about 15 yards away (we were behind a rock)
  5. The PUBG purist are going to tear into you on this one but I actually agree. It's more annoying then strategic or tactical.
  6. Yeah, only time i would land on an apartment because of seeing things on the roof. I haven't ever since.
  7. I have noticed though that now with the xbox one x, hard wired and SSD that the guns and items are not loading in when I hit the ground or run into a building. I cannot tell you how many times I have run into a building and then on my way out see a gun or med kit sitting right in front of the door that I walked over. No way I am missing these things that many times, must have a delay in rendering in now.
  8. Me and my buddies call them the "Ghost Jumpers".
  9. Ironically you just told a guy that he's not allowed to express his opinion about another guy expressing his opinion that you agreed with.
  10. I totally agree with you. I think another part too that plays in to this is the learning curve for PUBG and how difficult the game is in the beginning. It is by far the hardest game I have ever played. Ever changing outcomes, managing inventory, controlling weapons, no aim assist or hit markers....etc. If the majority of xbox players are a younger generation, they all may have given up on the game due to its difficulty and not just performance or maybe not performance at all. I wonder if that plays a huge part in it as well. Does the difficulty of the game drive people off. Not saying that is good or bad except from a revenue stand point it is not good.
  11. The issue is you assume all of the people that bought the PC version are the same type of person that bought the xbox version. 53% of all sales are in Asia and most of those are PC. Maybe that area of the world spends more money on skins then the UK and NA who play more on xbox. I don't know. Case in point, PUBG could run as smooth as any other game ever invented and I still and will not buy a skin or G-coin. EVER. Yes that is just me but you assume all xbox users will throw money to the wind if it runs better. Not necessarily true. And maybe PUBG figured that out right away. My point is you don't know the make up of each group so you assume everyone that plays the game has your same view point. Maybe in the first month or so no one bought G-coins and skins...etc on xbox so they threw in the towel right away. No sense pumping money into something that isn't going to pay off. We all know another company is going to come out with a TPP battle Royale game for xbox sooner then later that will look and feel like PUBG, so maybe they are making their money while they can.
  12. Great question, so I have an Ethernet Switch. Basically it is like a splitter for your internet cables. You can by a used one on amazon for less then 6 bucks. It will allow you to basically connect via ethernet cable up to 5 devices to your modem all at the same time. That way I never have to plug and unplug things after use....etc. Here is the one I have: https://www.amazon.com/TRENDnet-Unmanaged-GREENnet-Switching-TE100-S5/dp/B000M2TAN4/ref=olp_product_details?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1556283409&sr=8-1
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