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  1. I did what you said by taking to the pc shop And they said everything in the pc is completely fine everything is connected properly then they noticed a red led light where on the mother board its called the EZ debug LED it has a red light under cpu so I know where the problem is coming from well hopefully
  2. Can someone help I was downloading a game on steam and then my computer and suddenly there is no display on my monitor and iv tried to turn it off but the button that front of my computer but it won’t do anything so I had to switch it off from the back and when I try to turn it back on there and my keyboard won’t light up but my blue is was no display but all my fans are spinning. can someone help
  3. The screen you get when you start up brand new pc for the first time
  4. Iv only just built it and I haven’t got start up system boot yet
  5. OS? This is my first time building one so I’m a bit rusty with this stuff
  6. Hi all iv just built a brand new gaming pc this is my first time building I got no display on the monitor but all the pc components are working fine
  7. I already brought the Ryzen 2700x a while back and iv only just got the other parts recently but iv heard that the ryzen 3 series don’t support the am4 mother boards which iv got as well
  8. Okay thank you guys and with the components iv got should I over clock or should I not bother
  9. It’s the fan good in the gaming x trio version
  10. Hi all, I want to know what is your points of view on my build that I will be building and I would like some views to see what other parts I should of brought instead
  11. Hit registration is an absolute joke on sanhok at the moment. I’m putting clips into someone right in front of me and there not even dying
  12. Matchmaking is broken it sais there is a 1 second waiting time for solo FPP and iv been waiting for over 3 minutes
  13. How is this 2 - 4 weeks behind pc the last time we got a proper update was the beginning of April and now we are near the end of May that is not 2-4 weeks more like 6-7 weeks behind
  14. We was both out in the open shooting st each other and bare in mind this was on vikendi which is a laggy mess right now
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