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  1. Therefore it can be concluded on this forum, all people (Windows Insiders), including me, who has updated the Windows version 1809 for the 1903 version have this error "[25]: corrupted Memory #0 Battleye-5.4.15 (...)", and there are several solutions. 1st – Format the drive and install Windows version 1809. Which to me is out of the question. 2nd – On Windows Update roll back the update to version 1903 to 1809. I won't make because I don't have the guarantee that it will resolve the error, as well as whether Windows will be working well. Topography, with the new Windows version 1903 all PC work in optimal conditions, including the other games I have installed. 3rd – Wait for the Battleye fix error, if possible a solution from them. 4th – Wait for final version 1903 by Microsoft. This will be my option, regretting being unable to play the PUBG for about 1 month.
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