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  1. Yeah seems everyone has this by the responses they are getting to their last tweet.
  2. Yep couldn't agree more, this really needs looking at.
  3. Yep, I was really critical of the dev team after that last update but this fix has made the game a lot better! While I'm here, does anyone know when joining quick join does it put you in your own region?
  4. FPP is dead in the EU. It was populated for the first week or so when Vikendi was released now its play TPP or try to get a FPP game in the NA, but who wants to have 120+ ping playing online!
  5. What's happened to the 'we're aware of critical issues tweets'? You guys seriously need to get your **** together. Either roll the update back to before the last one or get a new one out to fix this broken mess.
  6. They need to be getting this update out asap and not in 1-3 months otherwise this game is more than likely dead.
  7. Do you guys even test the updates before you release them? Surely you can't otherwise this update wouldn't never have been released, every single thing about the game is worse and if this isn't sorted within the next week or two I will be requesting a refund from Sony as this game as it stands is broken af.
  8. Would love to play FPP in the EU but its completely dead because everyone needs the 3rd person crutch. I see squads FPP in NA is populated but I can't deal with having a high ping.
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