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  1. I just want to say... to all you mouse & keyboard users who get chicken dinner & think you're good. It's an empty victory. You're too scared to play on pc cause you'll have you're arses handed to you. So you come on to ps4 & play against guys with controllers & who don't have half the speed & accuracy. Congratulations... cause you're useless with a controller. Oh & get a life
  2. Hi Ibrahim. What platform?
  3. Hi. I'm also tired of non english speaking randoms. But I'm average at best. If you're fine with that, then cool.Let's play
  4. Hi Any PS4 players that are from South Africa? Looking for teammates. I'm an average player at best. leegeralys
  5. Firstly... The 80's were great. 90's not so much! Still looking for teammates? PS4 - EU
  6. Hi Tim. I'm looking for a duo partner. Let me know if you're still looking for a team mate.
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