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  1. New feature: Instant get players stats that you killed! Another unique and most exciting feature of PubG Stater that has just been implemented is it's ability to pull the statistics of players you killed, when you kill them, instantly! Ever wonder how good the guys you just fragged were? No problem, simply have the application running on your second monitor and take a glimpse over at it when you killed someone to have all their current seasons data in your face! More details on this new feature can be found on our home page linked above!
  2. Hey Gamers! How many of you are tired of typing your teams player's names into websites to view their stats to see if they're decent or not at the game? Well look no further! Introducing PubG Stater! A unique application that uses a sophisticated image reading algorithm that scans your teams players and instantly pulls their statistics for you with a push of a button! I started developing this application for personal use, and after sharing it with my friends, it turned out that this could be something that's very useful to the public. This past week I've been hard at work with my internal beta testers, at getting a version ready that i was happy with to release to the public. Today the PubG API Developers enjoyed my application and idea so much, that they've increased my API RPM enough to be able to support roughly 150 concurrent users per minute; enough for me to be able to release a beta version to the public! The image reading technology that we've implemented with this application will be endless. The near future features that will be implemented include: -Instantly pull the player's statistics that killed you, or downed you in your match. -Create a ranking system based off the in-game kill feed that ranks players off the amount of kills they've done in your current game, and have options for you to be able to view their overall statistics if desired. -Detailed player match history. I'm happy to be able to share this with you all, but most importantly I want this to be a community driven effort with what features you'd like to see implemented. Feel free to join our discord server PubgStater Discord to join in on the discussions, post constructive feedback, bug reports, and talk to the developers directly! Visit our website for detailed information on how it works, media GIFs with it in action, and download link at www.PubgStater.com //Supported Resolutions for the team scan instant statistics function: 1920x1080 2560x1440 (if you currently use a resolution that isn't supported, and wish to help us add support, please message me on our discord server!)
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