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  1. um just in top 5 situation, was on fair few kills go into inventory and the game just got stuck there couldn't do nothing, please explain, thanks
  2. right why after 2 years of playing this game its still broke and the game starting to crash at vital times, I just fighted off 3 guys to get package lvl 3d out running into zone with bout 20 ppl left and your game crashes and I get killed running in the open, this is totally unacceptable and this happen few times lately, oh and why don't you sort the custom menus they so broke and laggy and you wanna add more gun skins that takes 10 minutes to apply pfft, oh don't forget the crap lag spikes and freezing on drops, the rendering I have no words for.(the list goes on) I use ssd from day but ive seen my friends play on there console is a joke, wtf are you actually going to fix the game or not, oh by the way vekendi sucks no one plays it, im die hard fan of 2 years and im almost done with you game, its a joke what are you going to do about these issues, I have lots n lots of video evidence I will upload it all if you wish just show you how bad your game actually is, ppl will walk away from game if you do not sort it ASAP thankyou
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