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  1. I don't have a gaming pc and don't feel like getting flamed in a section that I don't even belong in lol so you're welcome or anyone else is welcome to post this idea over there. Just give me credit where credit is due if this idea hasn't been brought up yet in there. You never know though. One of the xbox moderators here could see this and all it takes is for that guy to bring it up in a conversation at the water cooler in the kitchen room with one of the PC devs and bam by the end of the year or next year we have spike strips.
  2. I was thinking any tire that goes over it just automatically blows out since theres no such thing as wheels losing air pressure in this game, tires just blow out when you shoot it enough times so if they run over spike strip, the wheels blow out. If they swerve to the side and only one wheel touches it then of course that wheel blows out. How about shooting it to destroy it as well? Say your inside the incoming car but you have no choice but to push through the bridge due to the blue being on your ass. I think shooting it from the passenger seat if your a good enough shoot, should be able to destroy it as well.
  3. Now you got me thinking. How about bear traps as well? When a player runs over it, they are damaged almost 75% health and "stunned" for about 3 seconds. Of course it be easy to spot and shoot out as well but you can lay it in a bush or behind a door. Like the spike strip, it is rare in spawn. They could add so many things to this game and as long as they keep the spawn rate at the right balance could definitely make this game more interesting without deviating from the gameplay we have now.
  4. For me, any form of voice chat communication between two players that includes using tactical communication is where I draw the line in teaming. I doubt most of the teamers you see in solos aren't talking to each other in a party chat. If someone wants to give a random a ride cause they just felt chivalrous that day, no problem with me but once you start rolling with somebody and then start using voice communication to tactically engage other players is where it stops being "just being chivalrous" and starts being considered "teaming". If it's in the heat of the moment, say I'm in a final circle and I get in a car and seconds after some guy also gets in the same car and I just start driving recklessly trying to run other players in the small circle over and he starts shooting guys from the car, yeah its teaming but there is no actual voice communication between us but at that heat of the moment it is understood we are a team but I still can't trust the guy so best believe I'll kill him once we get out. I think the best way to stop teaming all together is to disable party chat in ranked games. This way, it makes it more difficult more "teamers" to coordinate and will likely end up in friendly fire when things get hectic and the teamers end up running into each other thinking its somebody else. Also forgot, teamers would probably just use an app if they can't use party chat so to counter this would be to make it impossible for two people to join the same lobby as well. I read before that if you just search at the same time, most likely you end up in the same lobby.
  5. When it's down to 3 people, and I see the other two fighting and I have a clear shot at one, I don't take it and let em fight to the.......................................................................................................................................................... JK this shit aint For Honor lmao I shoot and steal their kill lol and then finish the last guy.
  6. That's why finding the right spawn rate is important. PTS testing would be great for this stuff. Maybe 1 out of 7 games you encounter bridge campers with spike strips. Just change it up a bit since almost every game on Erangel is going to be some sort of bridge trap.
  7. Yay or nay. Of course it wouldn't spawn as much as let's say a gas can. Maybe as rare as a med kit. Erangel. One of the bridges. Camping. Good idea? My thoughts is that it only has one use though so once one car gets blown out, that's it for the spike strip or should it have more?
  8. Only if the vehicle is stable. Shouldn't be able to heal while your in the car in mid air upside down🤣
  9. Just salivating at the idea of playing one man squads and sneaking up on a camped squad and stealing their UAZ filled with lots of goodies.
  10. All this game needs is aim assist and the game is set for a big comeback😝
  11. Naaaaa I would never wear a banana suit like that but bravo to that guy. My kinda player.
  12. In the battlefield or when I'm swimming in the ocean, I always wear proper protection.
  13. Yeah a dbno system that makes sense. I don't agree with people that DBNO should be taken out completely. There is a way to implement it. People do survive getting shot in real life ya know. 50 cent got shot 9 times and lived. I just think the way it is now absolutely makes no sense. I just shot you in the head, and now I have to finish you with a half a clip of my uzi to finish you off. It should be something along the lines off say, making up numbers here, a sniper does 90 damage to a helmetless head. A guy with 80 health would automatically get killed. Another guy with 80 health with a helmet that has 15 protection gets hit with the same shot. Now the guy has 5 health left. The health range of being downed is 5 and below so now the guy is downed, starts bleeding out, but can still be saved. So not everyone can be "downed" but if your lucky enough, and wear the right protection, there might be a possibility for a second chance.
  14. My Hardcore mode - fpp - no set markers, no position marker, just map and use your surroundings to identify what part of map you are - limited sprint time. Need to wait for sprint time to recover. - dbno is in play but only if health allows, basically if you end up at 5 health, you get downed, but say you are 70 health and get sniped on the head which does 100 something damage, you get killed. More realistic than getting sniped on the head and no matter what, you could have half a health bar and your downed. - all backpacks have increased capacity but now weight is considered and the more shit you take the more speed gets affected -syringes also increase sprint time - energy drinks also decrease time to recovery to be able to sprint again
  15. During the early game, if I catch someone looting and have no weapon or very weak weapons while I have an AR or just overall the upper hand, if the guy uses the "surrender" emote, I'll definitely give him a pass🤣 but most of the time they always take off running and so i am forced to kill them.
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