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  1. This isnt the pc servers were tlking about here they dont give a crap about the console servers otherwise the game would run a hell of alot smoother, faster gun spawning dont even get me started on the wait time for buildings to load in and half the time you'll be stuck in a wall or the ground
  2. Yep no guns no meds and i gave it time to load in because i had to run to mylta from a field at least 100 meters away and nobody else went there because no windows were broken no doors were open when i was searching for a weapon the guys that killed me came from a different area near me on a buggy
  3. I just played two games straight and i dropped out of the plane landed, searched at LEAST 15 buildings and no guns not even a pistol to defend myself or my teammate and i died you guys need to fix this asap #bluehole
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