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  1. easier for you maybe. It feels perfectly easy to me the way it is and all my friends know me as the master driver lol
  2. use LT until you get to under 10MPH. then Y. this stops the vehicle immediately.
  3. Regular server. Boats dont have a hand brake.... Crouching behind a boat is a nice way to get yourself a haircut
  4. Boats don't slide..... that's the whole point. its beached, by A LOT. and it just goes sliding right down back to the water? That has NEVER happened before
  5. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFhhZXmjjgdpL9f1w3 Obviously he had to have pulled the pin before I did, by at least a second. But the sound is never heard of the pin. His footsteps are clear as day, so why am I not hearing the pin get pulled on his grenade????
  6. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am4Mb8YRgalFhhUR93DmOfZZAvaE How the hell does this even happen? I've never seen this happen before where the boat just slides like that.
  7. just goes to show how little they care about console. Not even important enough to proof read patch notes
  8. Fixed an issue which caused heavy FPS drops momentarily using hotkeys to mute or change audio channels. Pretty sure this is a PC only patch note.
  9. @PUBG_Andymh5 can you please forward this to the dev team? i think this post has shown fairly clearly this is an issue and one that the community cares about.
  10. yeah, its frustrating how widespread this is, and the lack of attention the dev team gives it. just shows they really don't care / know how to fix this game
  11. yeah the buggy is the worst offender. I remember i was spinning in the air so violently one time, it just exploded in mid air hahaha
  12. I mean ive had someone come into the complex i was "tactically holding position" at and i could hear their vehicle after they got out. its also not every single time you get out of a vehicle that this happens, its like a 60/30 chance it occurs
  13. Pretty sure you dont have to be driving to have had this glitch occur.
  14. Play solo, or dont do randoms... its really a simply calculus little one
  15. Yeah the vehicle explosions are kind of annoying. I think vehicles should just have health and once they are reduced to zero health, they just become inoperable, like if they were out of gas Invisible textures aren't really what the issue is. The issue is sharp changes in grade in the terrain and the clearance of the tires to the front of the car won't make it, or the slope is too strong, so it acts like a wall, which in real life definitely would happen
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