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  1. He's literally tried to enter multiple tournaments, the big ones in the US and they won't allow non US citizens. I was watching his stream when he found out and was extremely frustrated about how silly it is. It makes no sense that being from the UK you can't travel and physically be in the US and compete. And to whoever said he's just an above average PUBG player? Lol you're in denial. He was literally the number 1 guy on EU AND US leaderboards at the same time and back when you could actually get a full FPP match, he was on those leaderboards as well. It's not just PUBG either, he dominates on Apex, Blackout and Firestorm. I myself use to think there is no way he's not playing with MnK, then he's done a hand cam and won with 26 kills. I've been a fan since. The entire squad of Thumbless are ridiculously good. Aimbot is underrated imo. His focus and aim control on a pad is insane. I know I sound like a fanboy, but GAGA and that whole squad are top notch.
  2. Might be a silly answer, but are you holding down B? That's how you get out
  3. Hi, I've been waiting to see how far I can get in levels without buying level ups, but now I want to buy about 10 levels worth (to get the beard) and there's no longer an option to buy levels. I press Y to buy levels and all that's available is GCOIN, the pass is still active, why can't I buy the levels now? This is very frustrating cause I am not going to have the time to grind out the remaining levels without buying a level up. Thanks for any help!
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