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  1. Burrokill

    Map selection

    I will like to choose the map I want to play
  2. Burrokill

    Aim training

    Thanks buddy my aim isn't perfect by far 😁 but also not that bad my goal is just to improve over the time instead to not train and stay on the same level. I never thought about aim acceleration I have it set to very low think 3 but you are right it's never the same speed while turning I try to play without it so I can start practicing flick shots while hip firing
  3. Burrokill

    Aim training

    I like the training range to train my aim but I miss unpredictable targets to get better reaction times and better aim. How do you train your aim any other games? Or do you play on pc with the xbox controller?
  4. Burrokill

    Headset (Super human hearing)

    Got mine from the UK bought it second hand over ebay
  5. Burrokill

    Headset (Super human hearing)

    Hope so sadly have to wait at least a week until the tac arrives
  6. Burrokill

    Map voting

    Haha yes vikendi in summer and erangel in winter 😂
  7. Burrokill

    Headset (Super human hearing)

    Im playing with the gsp 600 still waiting for the turtle beach tac to arrive I'm curious to hear the difference but the gsp sounds good without the tac already but I'm missing the superhuman hearing
  8. Burrokill

    Shot through walls

    Agree with you it sucks that they do it for an advantage in the early game I got so many times killed through walls or they run away trough a wall
  9. Burrokill

    post your best shots/ epic moments

    I had to move or kill him before the circle came awm.mp4
  10. Burrokill

    Map voting

    I'm surprised that most people prefer erangel and a big map size. I also love erangel but I prefer sanhok it's always fun to land at bootcamp
  11. Burrokill

    External/Portable HD vs External/Portable SSD

    A small Tipp en external ssd is always much smaller in size compared to an hdd. If you want a good one that works perfectly with pubg I can highly recommend the Samsung t5
  12. Burrokill

    Any noticable improvements?

    Xbox one s with ssd I feel the game runs much smoother like It had constant fps. Really surprised about that. Feels much better now at least for me. 👌
  13. Burrokill


    Founded by Chang Byung-gyu, in Seoul, in March 2007, the company is best known for developing TERA (2011) and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (2017), the latter through its PUBG Corporation subsidiary. In November 2018, Bluehole organized itself under a newly founded parent company, Krafton Game Union.
  14. Burrokill

    Map voting

    I would like a map with hills and a lot of forests and it would be nice if the map was designed in the autumn season. For those who can remember like isla inocentes in bad company 2 😁
  15. Burrokill

    Update 6 Anticipation

    Thx I already discovered that and edited my post that other users don't have to find out that they have to change their settings again its confusing sometimes you have to change the settings after an update but most of the time you don't need to change the settings