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  1. Pubg is a 'last man standing' game so there isnt any respawns (thats called deathmatch). But unfortunately it does have revives through a DBNO system. DBNO is a revive system designed to increase the games replay-ability among sore losers. C4, noobtubes and claymores will never appear in pubg, the player base couldn't handle that type of dynamic. Neither will a hardcore mode (no DBNO) for the same reason.
  2. This game has DBNO. Skill
  3. "Explosives are too OP" You're the reason games suck now
  4. Console players in recent years have whined and complained about explosives in shooters which is why most current major titles just suck. Claymores, c4, noobtubes ect.. all of which have been removed from major title shooters and been replaced with emotes and purchasable camos and skins, which is what this generation of players demand. But it's completely understandable that developers have catered their games to low skill players who consider everything they die from to be OP. Grenades will eventually be phased out too. All because rookie badkids can't comprehend that explosives are intended to be OP.
  5. Grenades, and conflict avoidance is key to survival.
  6. I avoid engaging entirely (flash bang then run away, hide) so I never really need to peak. And in squads I usually just abandon my team mates or use them as bait.
  7. i only lean left and never soft mark
  8. This is what works for me Lefts stick: normal Right stick: smooth Both Triggers set to 0,+1 No paddles Right stick click: unmapped
  9. Its a broken ranking system and the rewards are terrible anyway.
  10. and this is one of my alts. im glad they got rid of the rep system
  11. Anyone ever come across a player named Creepin? That guy slapped our squad like we were rookies and went on to kill 30+ people and win on his own. For some reason I always get put into a lobby with him.
  12. You understand that the concept of DBNO is that it's an extra life, right?
  13. you want a HC mode with DBNO? Thats pathetic
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