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  1. You can currently cause other player's game to crash by abusing the shotgun bug. Looks like they figured it out. That sucks.
  2. Yes. 3 days if you do the following Keep taking NSAIDS (unless the swelling increases and becomes painful then consult a doctor/clinic) Apply the ice pack to your palm (put it on the table and hold it like a mouse with the other 4 fingers raised) for 20 minutes at a time and never longer than that. Use icey-hot, on your wrist, palm and on the back of the hand twice a day. Heres where i make an assumption, eat better and take a multivitamin (centrum). Awhile ago (11 years Jesus Christ) I was on a pro circuit team that got pretty damn far, Vegas far. Trust me when I say handling a controller for 10+ hours a day every day will cause permanent damage.
  3. If you play to win or play to kill you're a sweaty
  4. Its not a bad idea, pubg just has a toxic fanbase
  5. its a great idea, that's why it'll never happen
  6. This is what happens when people bitch about everything being OP.
  7. Got teamkilled and looked up his stats. This is within the current season and hes at 900+, all he plays is squad with all recent matches showing he teamkilled his whole squad. How?
  8. They already nerfed grenades awhile ago. Plus I over enjoy spamming them in the final circle
  9. This game will be fortnite within a year
  10. Mine is 59 pkt/s both up and down consistently. I'd like to have some sort of community reference. Whats yours?
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