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  1. Forgot to mention: 2+ years ago, till recent changes voicechat was not working in lobby if ctrl+t was rebinded to another key. You had to switch it manually in setting every time
  2. I mean lobby where you invite your team mates, not lobby where you waiting 1 min for match.
  3. Since summer 2017 when they said that late car and weapon spawn will increase game performance.
  4. Please allow melee in BRDM
  5. Players who is 200-1000m away from me, like behind the invisible wall after last update for me. Shots hitting enemys head/body but without blood and dmg.Also some bug when scoping, quality of textures goes bad, and I can't see enemy while he shooting me because of blurry textures, when I clearly see him in ADS mode. Any one else having this?
  6. Same here, before update fps was not lower than 80, now it drops down to 30 in Yasnaya Polyana when parachuting 1080ti
  7. Lets make explosive med kits then too, or maybe explosive ammo? Explosive not activated grenades if you shoot it?
  8. Adding explosive gas can = lose % of players, nobody will leave if it will not be added.
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