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  1. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG OR ( REFUND US ) >>>PLEASE its over a month now and the issue isn't fixed it is getting a bit ridiculous
  2. Frendlyfrenchy Tried it steam controller support is not able to change in game sensitivity for me and makes the game unplayable
  3. switching seats in a vehicle to shoot out of any other seat window, the breaks are applied and the car stops = no drive by's
  4. I also opened a ticket 2 days ago ..if i get any info sent back to me I will report back to you my fellow controller brethren
  5. PC Players using Xbox Controllers have the live mission list cover there screen when trying to there hold breath while shooting ...that means we can't see the other player.... thats being the LB/left_shoulder button for us ...this is the Pubg Steam version on PC .....again on the PC version on steam ..Please fix thanks
  6. Maybe Youtube one day ....I only play on PC Steam version And it just got harder for me because when i press LB to hold breath it brings up the mission list and covers the whole screen ..That sucks!
  7. They move my report to XBOX forum lol ..hopefully they see your .. THIS IS A PC PROBLEM
  8. I dont know that you can change Binds (KEYBINDS) on xbox ? This is PC related i dont own a xbox .. "a controller is a big disadvantage for 99.8% of people playing against mouse/keyboard players" I dont feel that way i've wont solos with it under a 1000 hrs in
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