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  1. Date Seen:I reinstalled couple days ago, didn't have this problem in 2018 Server: Live server System Specifications: Asus F550JX Laptop PC Operating System: Win 8.1 pro 64bit Graphics Card: GTX 950M 4GB DDR3 CPU: i7-4720 HQ @2.60 ghz RAM: 12GB DDR3 Full explanation of issue: I can basically play fine in windowed or borderless, but if i switch to fullscreen, regardless or resolution ( i tried all of them ) it keeps tabing in and out or the game or something like that i mean the screen keeps going black 1 sec then it shows the game back and forth. And i can't even do anything, if i'm lucky after 30 sec of pressing alt+enter to switch to windowed mode i can get it to stop ( by forcing it to windowed ) other than that the only way i can stop it is hard restart of the PC. Playing borderless is far from an ideal framerate and that's why i want to fix fullscreen Error message details: no message, the game didn't crash at all. Troubleshooting attempted: -Veryified game cache files, nothing -Reinstalled game, nothing -Switched settings around, nothing -Downgraded to older version of graphic driver, nothing, upgraded to latest one, nothing I'm running out of ideas so I figured maybe I'd ask here
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