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  1. I can already see the complaints if it was changed to tap to reload, "I'm in the middle of a gunfight, accidentally tap X and die because the player reloads!" I personally like hold to reload as it's not something that I'm going to do inadvertently.
  2. We all know there are people using unsupported/banned devices but to say that someone who misses 10% of their shots is clearly cheating and should be banned is a bit far fetched in my opinion. Where's the evidence? There are a lot of people that are genuinely good at this game, should pubg ban them because they've put in a bucketload of hours, developed their skills and mastered the game? Maybe pubg should set a 2kd limit, anyone that achieves a higher than 2kd ratio should be banned. Maybe anyone that kills you should be insta-banned...I think you and each and every other person that write out these cheat rant posts should be a little more constructive and dare I say it, realistic. Invent a program for pubg that allows them to identify unauthorised hardware, develop anti-cheat software or simply use the report feature in-game and online. Try being proactive instead of reactive for once.
  3. That's what parachuting is like for me when I can't get a game on OCE and have to play NA servers.
  4. Right my apologies I need to clarify what I said, I've not had any issues in regards to hearing enemies. Yes I understand people have issues with sounds, I see the posts all the time on here and at the moment my character misses a single footstep sound when running and facing the camara to the right which I've been meaning to capture and report for the devs. I see people posting videos where they claim they didn't hear their killer sneak up behind them or a grenade pin, I plug my headset into my phone, watch their clip and guess what, I can hear the sound they supposedly can't. I am constantly pointing out distant shots, footsteps, nades and other sounds that my teammates don't hear and when they see that I'm right they are amazed I've heard from so far away. This does make me wonder whether the problem is on the user's end or is genuinely down to the game and I have just been blessed by the pubg audio bug Gods. Btw just because I have not experienced these issues (besides the one I stated) it does not mean I haven't been paying attention. I can assure you that each and every second of every game has my utmost attention.
  5. I have had absolutely zero issues with sounds in pubg since day dot. I'd estimate that I can hear footsteps on grass up to around 30 meters away and possibly a bit further on concrete. I'm using Turtle Beach Recon 50's which are at the low end of their range.
  6. LMAO last week I couldn't sign in to xbox or any games, thought something major had gone wrong. Turns out I hadn't assigned my new controller 😂😂 we all have our blonde moments!
  7. You definitely showed that roof who's boss 💪
  8. Probably something along the lines of this video.
  9. All good mate I know that feeling👍
  10. Salty? I was just pointing out that I had posted the reason for the maintenance already.
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