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  1. Am I mad or are you now that you've found out your stats are mediocre?
  2. A lag switch is something done to your own home connect to make others unable to hit you, it wouldn't have an affect on the whole lobby. With this, as I have said in other cases where the whole lobby has lagged, it's either a bad server or someone in the game is sending a denial of service attack the the server.
  3. I don't add fans, sorry man. If you want, I can give you my managers email?
  4. Shroud was never a professional PUBG player. TPP is a meme, imagine if it was actually in the competitive scene. TPP only relies on hiding behind something and waiting for someone to be off guard, no skill required, I could do that with my feet.
  5. TPP is just a game of who has the better patience. FPP you need to have gun skill, positioning and the plays. If you genuinely think TPP is the more skilful game mode, answer me this, why don't they play professional TPP? TPP is for casual players who play with no headset and have no competitive background. Don't try to argue with that.
  6. Dropshotting is really only effective in call of duty, due to this games slow movement mechanics the dropshot feature would be no faster than holding B. But yes, using scripts is cheating. Just gets tiresome when people think you can get aimbot on next gen consoles.
  7. You are wrong. Mod chips can auto-dropshot because they run on a script, if RT is pressed it will hold B automatically. Same with rapid fire, it runs a script to set RT to 100 then back to 0 over and over again, simulating a full auto experience. However, auto-aim is impossible. That requires in-game mods, they could be achieved on the 360 once the glitch chip had been installed, but never on Xbox One.
  8. Because you're clueless and think a controller can give you aim lock.
  9. My KD is over double yours and your most kills in a game is 15. That's average for me. Why are you even posting on this thread, it wouldn't have any effect on you.
  10. I suck at TPP? guarantee I have better stats in TPP than you despite playing in FPP the whole time in a third person lobby.
  11. You make out using the camera is the skilful part 😂
  12. Think? it's clearly true and you know it. You guys can't engage in actual gunfights, ahaha. I'd rather wait an eternity than degrade myself to TPP, hiding behind objects looking for information.
  13. If it was changed now, some players would play FPP. But due to the game being out this long and TPP players being used to abusing the camera, it wouldn't have the same outcome as the game releasing with FPP as the default option. I posted PC stats because this game was originally on PC. He said "PUBG got so big originally under TPP, since that was what the game was created around" so I'm obviously going to post PC stats as that's what he's referring to.
  14. The game is a third of what the player base used to be, on console it's struggling. Stick to your tree hugging in TPP kiddo.
  15. Everyone knows this game wouldn't be anywhere near as big if the streamers didn't accelerate it's popularity, it definitely wouldn't have come to consoles. 90% of streamers play FPP, the data chart is from steam, all the data is correct. Stop being in denial.
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