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  1. tinkerbellend

    A message to all cheaters...

    I hope Davenport was sacked... but I doubt it...
  2. tinkerbellend

    TPP plagued by Radar Hacks..

    Every fucking game now, they're not even disguising it, just simply look at player through houses, run round the buildings constantly spotting his EXACT FUCKING POSITION, and then aimbotting... Fuck this shit.
  3. tinkerbellend

    why no ping lock?

    Remove map select, punish leavers, introduce ping lock... Happy days...
  4. tinkerbellend

    Cheating Discussion

    Oh ffs.. been away for a week, first three games all killed by fucking ESP aimbot chinese hacking bastards.... Really? Bluehole? WILL YOU EVER COME ON HERE AND DISCUSS THIS WITH PLAYERS OR DO YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY???
  5. tinkerbellend

    Cheating Discussion

    Whatever he's smoking or drinking, please send me a couple of tons of it... lmfao...
  6. tinkerbellend

    Any good changes?

    If these forums would allow, I could post videos of 10-20 hackers just from my 10 games today, in fact 6 or 7 of those would be from 2 squads alone since they were 2x HuyaTV and a xiangoping or something in each... Find your replays, look for huya-tv, panda-tv or similar, what the killfeed where there's a lot of fast deaths, then go spec those players for 10 minutes. You will see them tracking teams from 400m through mountains, then full-auto on an AK at 200m, every shot hitting... Its shite,, total shite now if I play mid-afternoon GMT... by the time it's later, say 6 or 7pm GMT, it suddenly gets better because it's bedtime for the little shitbags... most of my top 5 or chicken dinners last 2 weeks are 6pm time, between 2-5pm I'm either luck and don't see them until late game or dead by #20. I can hold my own against fair players, but ESP/aimbots are impossible to deal with. I even spec'd a rando teammate who had hacks on but he lost to a team with more hacks.. we got #3 there... lmao
  7. tinkerbellend

    Any good changes?

    No. 10 games today, 1 genuine death, 8 definate ESP/aimbot chinese deaths, 1 maybe/maybe not hacker death...
  8. tinkerbellend

    Cheating Discussion

    Will you ACTUALLY respond to players concerns? Or don't you give a toss about us? Money money money....
  9. tinkerbellend

    Cheating Discussion

    More huya-tv and den xiao ping hackers..... non-fucking-stop... BLUEHOLE? Really? ...in 147 pages on this thread there is about 6 posts from you lot, and most of those are merging other threads here... No answers? No replies? No responses to the players? No responsibility?
  10. tinkerbellend

    I need a break

    You could be describing every politician on the planet with that... he he...
  11. tinkerbellend

    I need a break

    If people leave and tell PUBG why they're leaving, maybe one day they'll fucking listen to the problems about huya cheaters, desync/hit-reg and the rest of the shite... It's a good game that's been fucking ruined.
  12. tinkerbellend

    Terrible Erangle Loot

    Found one once in the entire time since EA... couldn't find a fking DMR or SR to stick it on and no teammates would give me theirs.... So I've never once shot, or even had, a gun with a 15x... But I prefer the 6x like someone else said...
  13. tinkerbellend

    Cheating Discussion

    Well that was interesting..... get this... Random squad, I realised that 2 teammates were cheating (esp and macro).... we chased another squad down who were fighting elsewhere... they were hacking .... I died almost instantly so I spectated my teammates... kind of interesting watching 2 lots of hackers fighting for best hack wins...
  14. tinkerbellend

    Can't complete previous week missions....

    but that exactly what game forums are for... players to complain and Devs to ignore.....
  15. Since we are now "winning" keys in the Missions, which of the locked crates has the better chance of getting something decent out of it, other than brown loafers and a raglan t-shirt...?