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  1. How is Vikendi not liked more than Erangel? Truly the best map they ever put out and exactly perfect in all respects. Well balanced, 25 minute map with plenty of choices to land. On Erangel there is about 4 to 5.on Vikendi there is triple that. It's more strategic, easier to hide and the blue line doesn't rip you apart or make you run for your life. Vikendi is the best by far hands down. The desert should be canned and made into sanhok size and then I wouldn't mind. Turn Miramar into a 15 minute fast map instead of the 45 minute boring s heel and stupid as hell line rushes in phase 4 and 5 where you can still barely keep up if you can keep up at all. After 40 minutes playing the map blue line should not move at 60 miles an hour. If you used same idea with dessert on a slow and less radical circle drop and made it more centered on each phase so you could work in I would love it allot more too. There's nothing worse than wasting 38 minutes just to end up hitting a rock and blowing up or a haystack for that matter. Summarized change dessert some and is haters won't hate it so bad
  2. Thanks eyed. I was curious about the different size and shaped sticks. Have you found they make a difference?
  3. Im tired soooo tired of getting this over and over and over.........
  4. Hey all, finally received my elie. Was curious what you use as preferred way to play. Right now im using two with run on left paddle and lb on right paddle. Everything else the same
  5. Im glad i asked. Will go with basic. Thanks wiz
  6. Aside from reach top 10 in solo there are other missions that are not getting updated after completion. Please look into and fix
  7. It's not just that one. Multiple missions are not being updated. Fix soon or dish me some xp
  8. I'm loving it! My new must have gun on Vikendi with an AR 4x canted. I've given up sniping on Vikendi!!!
  9. Yeah I didn't take it as a negative dig. Just that major was speaking on behalf of those who don't have the confidence or skills to actively engage in constant conflict.
  10. on quick play its constantly sanhok and mirimar. total garbage. on standard i get vikendi and erangel and less mirimar thank the heavens. All I play is standard now because I love the desert but I hate it when I get it every other game (playing quick play mode). Random generator (for quick play) should be something like 30/30 sanhok or vikendi 20/20 erangel or mirimar.
  11. Thanks for the feedback @MajorClagNut and @Takarii. Really appreciate it and its good to hear they are working on something to bring back something that is more in line with what pubg is. @MajorClagNut There was always a combined rating, kill rating, and win rating so for those who prefer to kill they just need to keep in line with those three cats. I've sorted it plenty of times to see who the top killers were and compare. If they want to keep SP they can just don't use it as the primary ranking system and leaderboard. It should just be a reward system. Keep SP for everyone but reintroduce the ranking system with its own unique rewards to add another dimension and make that about the leaderboards. Don't hide it. It should be something to pride your players with as a company and emphasize that survival and execution of skill is what we as players champion and glorify amongst ourselves.
  12. So Amazon has the basic elite here: https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-Elite-Wireless-Controller-one/dp/B00ZDNNRB8/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=microsoft+elite+controller&qid=1559940919&s=gateway&sr=8-2 and then theres this one on amazon but its from 7 watts. Would this still be legal and if I didnt care about the hundred dollar surcharge would this be the one to use assuming that it is "legal"? https://www.amazon.com/Elite-Controller-Watts-Rapid-Black/dp/B014VF1XUU/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=microsoft+elite+controller&qid=1559940919&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1
  13. I did! Just happened to come around that edge at the same time you were working down and that bush gave me enough cover that you overlooked me. Crazy game that was fun. Glad to see you were killing it that day for sure bro! See ya out there again soon hopefully!!!
  14. Attachments in my opinion are what causes the major issues with inventory capping at times. I've learned to loot first aid, boosters and ammo last so i dont cap before i get to the guns. guns on top so you know right away within a split second if you need to change and attachments should be visible right away (or even left on the guns - does it make sense that attachments remove themselves because a player dies???) so you know what you got to work with. gear, health, and ammo next with clothes always at the bottom.
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