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  1. Haha I can't believe I forgot that!! What another GREAT suggestion thanks!!
  2. Sorry I have to disagree. Your point is very invalid, especially with this last update you can inspect your weapon using D-pad. Lmfao atleast I can see my clothes haha
  3. To close for me xD. I'll stay with the Trifecta
  4. Isn't it almost the same as original just a more noticeable yellow and black?
  5. Also another valid point! Unless your a lucky one and get the silver plated scar (ugly lmfao) through crate box. My personal favorite for the scar skin is the trifecta series that was bought with g-coins (scar + UMP9, not so much the 9mm pistols)
  6. Haha yes agreed, a jungle QBZ would have been much better... already a jungle SKS..M4....AWM...and P18C... BUT to me it is still very disappointing they have nothing for atleast 4+ weapons.. AND don't even list the Mutant under the AR tab... like they got a backpack tab with nothin in it yet, but they can't put stuff that's already in the game....
  7. I believe the QBZ only has the crimson snowflake ( yes it has snowflake in the name, but seems more red than white or "arctic". Very similar to the autumn and crimson M4. ( which I feel like the autumn and crimson snowflake M4 ARE THE SAME THING... Autumn has red stock/white barrel and opposite with crimson snowflake red barrel/white stock.........)
  8. What is everyone else's thoughts on weapons that don't have a skin or just 1??? Like there is atleast one+ for most guns but NONE for SLR, QBU, MK-14, (the new release of the bizon and NO skin for it even with Vikendi Pass ( to me that was a huge opportunity well MISSED .... AND there isn't even a mutant under the AR tab... and how long has the mutant been released??? There are 4+ skins for the M4... 4+ skins for the stupid 9mm piston AND none for them???? The AWM has atlesast 2 skins (one of the rarest items in game) and then the M24 which is a spawn weapon has 1.... makes absolutely NO SENSE.. Also most LMGs only have 1.. m249....DP28 (my favs). Most shotguns only have 1 skin also, yes they are not that popular but still. Also I don't know how you could incorporate more melee skins, but I am a huge huge fan of Harley Quinn's baseball bat! For the misc. weapons (xbow and Winchster) are not that popular, especially late game, but having more than 1 skin might make them more popular. Yes these are all cosmetic items BUT I believe it adds so much for the game, and being able to match your weapons with the terrain that your in combat could have the extra advantage on getting that dinner. (also we have weird ass color clothes like the new "baby bear" face shirt, weird ass leopard skirts which is fun to troll sometimes but than you only have 3 basic ass battle belts..... where is the pink or something with some funk) Fellow pubg'ers thoughts and comments? Thanks for reading
  9. Valid point, but a playlist where atleast 2+ maps is selected can't hurt matchmaking times more than what it is already available -> (Vikendi only/ standard 3/quickjoin-all) or??
  10. What is everyone else's thoughts on having a better map selection? For example: being able to select a playlist of the maps you want like, Sanhok and Miramar only or even just Sanhok only. Also thoughts on bringing back a public weekly matchmaking war modes. Yes. There are custom war modes but it isn't the same as public matchmaking like it used to be... each week was different sometimes duos or sqauds of 5, 10 etc... playing 45ers, war, overpower, etc.. (45'ers was my favorite with care package combinations) Thanks for reading.
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