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  1. Since the last patch 2.3.34 (06-22-2017) the game sometimes freezes when first opening the Inventory in a game. Bug Description: Opening Inventory (for the first time in a game?) sometimes freezes the game. Date Seen: Since last patch 2.3.34 (06-22-2017) it's been happening a few times, hasn't happened before. Server: Regular server. Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified integrity of game cache, updated nVidia drivers to the newest, Windows 10 updated to the latest. Other Information: Seems to be happening mostly when you've landed and want to loot at the beginning of a match. Launch Options: No launch options. System Specifications: Operating System: Windowsw 10 Pro 64 Bit (10.0, Build 15063) Graphics Card: GTX 970 CPU: Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07Ghz Ram: 8GB DDR3
  2. Since today's patch v2.3.30 (06/01/2017) when going from the Lobby to the Airplane, the game mini-freezes. It also sometimes mini-freezes while in the middle of the map, making it impossible to jump to certain locations. The freeze occurs to what I believe EVERYONE in the game, as no one drops out of the airplane during the freeze, and you get a small "Internet Connection Error" when the mini-freeze is over. Me and all my clanmates have this issue at the EXACT same time while in the plane (we are communicating on Discord), so this issue isn't hardware related but patch related as we all have different configs and a good internet connection.
  3. This definitely isn't the case though. If you Alt-Tab while your status is "Matching" in the main menu and you then find a game you have to Manually Alt-Tab back to the game. If you don't Tab into the game before the Lobby Countdown Timer ends you get Disconnected. I've had this happen to me a couple of times and also my friend has this almost every night because he's a major Alt-Tabbing freak and we always have to make sure to call out to him to Tab into the game. (You also don't see him connect to the game as teammates, his HP bar just isn't there)
  4. They didn't have the better position. We both had about equal positions. It was East of Pochinki in the forest, couple of trees + rocks as cover for both teams. The fight was pretty dull because they kept downing 1/2 of our squad mates, and we did the same to them. The moment you tried to flank in that fight you would have to run into the open and get downed instantly. That's what I kinda meant with my comment, you end up in a stalemate sometimes where you just CAN'T push because of how little cover you have sometimes and end up having to endless fight/wait until you can run away or something. In my particular situation they kept camping when we tried to run, so we also couldn't run away and we all ended dying to the circle in the end
  5. That's the thing though, let's say you down 1/2 guys in a Squad game. You then have 1/2 guys left who can revive squad mates and the other one covers any pushing enemies. Pushing out into the open is very unforgiving in this game with the 3rd person camping that you can do. In theory you could push the Squad that is pinned down and reviving teammates, but in practice you'll lose in those situations because you have to push out into the open to try and down the remaining enemies. I've had multiple fights in the last weeks where it was just impossible to kill the entire squad, where we would down the same person about 3 times in a fight and he would just kept getting revived. Pretty frustrating and I also would like to see a solution for the current revive system, I'd say make the first Revive free, the 2nd and 3rd ones should cost a Med/First Aid Kit or something. 4th = instant death. This way you still have the revive system but you remove the advantage of knocking out opponents multiple times.
  6. Good option, but if they decide to more with colored UI elements they also need to offer a colorblind option sooner rather than later. Because as a colorblind player I can already see a lot of issues for me
  7. I'm actually agreeing with the suggestion. Currently it's way too easy to just camp in a building, peek without any risk and get safely revived if you get killed from a distance. You can repeat that process over and over again unless the enemy somehow pushes in and risks close combat. I'd like to tweak this suggestion a bit though, I feel like being able to get revived once and then maybe an optional extra revive if the reviving player has a Medkit would be a good tactical addition to the game.
  8. ShatterNL

    Small buglist

    After playing PUBG for 150 hours and making the ShatterNL's PUBG Map you can see I really like this game alot. Coming from DayZ/H1Z1 this game feels like a perfect mix between those two, but there's still lots of work to be done and that's why it's in Early Access of course! Here's a small list of bugs that I encounter sometimes that I feel are unknown (aren't mentioned in the stickied known buglist) that could help the developers. Buglist: Airdrop RubberLanding: Air drops rubber band up and down in the air lots of times, especially if dropping in the ocean: Ocean Airdrop Rubber Banding Exiting Vehicle Wall: When stepping out of a vehicle that's parked too close next to a wall, you end up endlessly falling between the vehicle and wall. Leaning Inability: Bug (unsure when or how it happens) where a player can't Lean (Q/E) in First Person mode while Aiming Down Sight/Scope, there's no fixing this bug by dropping weapon or anything. You won't be able to lean the entire round. Circle Position UI: The last 2-3 circles show the "Player Position to Circle UI" of the player incorrectly as "out of circle", while actually in the circle. Free Looking Movement: When using Alt to Free Look, releasing the button will make your character move as if the mouse is being rotated from the Free Look location, this makes it that your character's gun/model can stick through walls Free Looking Landing: While parachuting and Free Looking around, the camera makes a 180 while landing when you release Alt. Free Looking Gun: When releasing Free Look button before you ADS the camera sometimes aims up to the sky, or down at the floor?
  9. Agreed man, was just kidding. Just had another one of those marathon running games Constantly needed to keep running, couldn't find a car
  10. Disagree actually, you just got majorly shot so being revived with low HP is normal and makes it so it's a risk to revive/play again. Which is your strategic fault somehow (or bad RNG of course) Gotta move into them circles faster!
  11. I get your point, but the playable lobby is probably never gonna disappear as it's used to load textures/models/player customization and all other assets of the game to make sure everyone can start at the same time.
  12. They already stated to be looking into the lobby volume, let's hope they add a mute lobby sound option in the settings/keybindings. As for "not liking" the pre-game lobby, it's a MUST have in these Battle Royal type of games. While you are messing around in the lobby the game is actively loading all assets needed for the player customization and map objects textures etc.
  13. The thing is, what is the Redzone supposed to do anyways in this game? I think it's supposed to drop on areas where players stay too long, but if that's true it forces them to stay there even LONGER because they have to seek shelter inside a building and camp out the Redzone. It's just a really unclear gameplay mechanic in my opinion, when is the last time you've seen someone die to the Redzone since Early Access launch? It maybe happened once or twice in a match in the first week, but at this point I think it's rare to see someone die 1/50 games to the Redzone. So it really needs to be adjusted to whatever it's supposed to do, because at the moment it's not
  14. I kinda feel this is a bit too gimmicky. I kinda like the current system as it is, it makes a Squad/Duo vulnerable since you want to revive your mate but also have to watch out that you don't die yourself. Downed people being able to shoot would just add some awkward moments where you headshot the guy who shot you down, and now you are both down on the ground shooting with pistols at each other etc.
  15. I think there's a bug with the SKS currently where every new reload gives different results when shooting, saw a topic on Reddit somewhere but it got deleted or I can't find it currently. As for grenades in windows, make sure there's no glass in the window, and you can't throw grenades in buildings that have bars at the windows!
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