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  1. I don't think Apex or whatever other games getting released are appealing to PUBG's loyal base because they are not realistic. But a game similar to PUBG in the concept and realism aspect can bury PUBG
  2. That loyal player base will decrease slowly, and as soon as another game with a run and gun concept that is realistic and similar to what PUBG was in the beginning is released with better graphics and developers, everyone will abandon this shit game.
  3. It these "purist" players that got the game to where it is. This game if based on SKILLS not calling in strikes to help you. Next thing Im going to read someone asking for a taxi service to get them to the other side of the map if they're far from the zone so it can be more convenient for them. The game got popular because it IS a run and gun concept not because they have flying umbrellas and airstrikes to call in and 25 flare guns. YOU are the exact type of player that is ruining PUBG because you demand all these stupid ideas, and lately maybe your opinion matters more and many other people with your views matter more because for the game developers are only thinking about that money train. You can keep enjoying the game but I will not be playing this game anymore till they take it back to their roots.
  4. I love the game as well I have around 700-800 hours but games are not enjoyable anymore.
  5. I think having 1 flare gun spawn in the maps would be the best way forward. Also make it that it spawns anywhere, even in a shack in the middle of nowhere. It's supposed to be rare so make it rare, and then when it goes off if someone found it there will be a big battle for it
  6. Game is dying and will be dead soon. Shit updates with players who are even coming up with shittier suggestions. All I see on this forum is stupid idea like reviving the dead and calling in mortar strikes and shit. I invite everyone to boycott this game for a few days, and let Bluehole wake up and just make the game what it used to be. Let us remind them who's really in charge.
  7. Only 2 flares per map. One armored UAZ and other package. No problem with loot for 2 it gives the person getting the package an advantage to choose between 2 guns. Spawn them in random areas even a shack in the middle of nowhere. It should be a really rare thing to find.
  8. Enough. Just remove Map Select. Kick Players for a few hours if they exit in the Lobby. U play the Map u get. Random map and games each time. You leave the Lobby, you get kicked. What made this game amazing is that you have to deal with what you are given in loot, map and everything. You have to adapt. Whoever isn't willing to play this game this way goodbye. This is the only solution.
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