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  1. Haha. You're funny man. Devs don't care about the bugs, they only do what their bosses tell them to. Open the "list of known issues" thread in bug reports section and see for urself. There is not a single one critical bug in this list, only minor ones. They only keep it as a coverage so it looks like they fixing bugs. There have been numerous complaints on steam forums, reddit, this forum, numerous tickets on this issue submitted to pubg support. A year has passed and no progress on this one. Not to mention a handful of others.
  2. I come wherever I can and say whatever I think. You're not the one to decide for me should I speak my mind or not.
  3. Sorry, your calculations are completely wrong. I don't have time for this right now coz i got work in the morning. I will get back to you tomorrow.
  4. This is not in any way a tantrum, that's just my honest opinion on the state of the game. Moreover not only mine but solid half of the player base. Dude don't you read the steam reviews? That's why players count declining with every month. Sad but true. Sorry it got you all triggered and butthurt.
  5. see this is exactly what I'm talking about
  6. That's actually not true I recommend you check ur facts before opening ur mouth. Even if it is, 2% is actually a lot, like 20 000 players. Ahahahaha u don't even know about the existence of russian servers. Totally incompetent on the matter, also can't even understand what the actual issue is. Conversation with you is over. Read B-Top's last post over and over untill you get it through ur skull that what ure saying here is completely irrelevant. My comrade here apparently is much smarter than you.
  7. Also, consider one thing. When I join random duo/squad lobby it connects me to the EU server anyway. Now you see you done 7ucked up right? 😂😂😂😂
  8. Haha, you obviously have no idea what ure talking about, Moscow is one of the most populous cities in the world. PUBG is one of the most popular games in the steam. And you wanna tell that there are not enough players for solo mod? LOL. Besides there are actually a lot more players going solo than in duos or squads. You don't have to be an Einstein to understand that. Plus I see streamers from another cities in my region queuing for solo and connecting to the Moscow servers at the same time that I try to join the game only I end up in the EU server. How stupid you actually have to be to say something like that. Common, use ur brain people.
  9. Hello. Same problem here. I have contacted PUBG support, he did not have an answer for me and said that he forwarded details of my ticket to the development team which I don't believe will take any effect. I could not care less about cheaters because they basically everywhere anyway and this thread is not about them so pls don't bring them up here. This is very serious issue for me but apparently not for other people who deal with it and also obviously not for the Blue Hole. So I don't count on anything posting here just wanted to vent my frustration. How I thought it was designed to work is the following way: the game detects latency to multiple PUBG servers and chooses the server with the smallest one. But apparently it's not, when I play from Moscow it connects me to the European server because what?? Moscow is considered to be part of Europe now? The EU players speak different language and server itself has worse latency that RU servers, so why would it connect me to the EU server I do not know. When you play with your friend it takes into account latency of both players, but when you play solo it does not? What is this unknown factor that is more important than latency and language barrier for determining best suitable server? Can someone pls clarify this? And don't tell me it depends on the matchmaking pool and waiting times, there are thousands of players in Moscow alone not even mentioning players in near cities. And you know what it's even funnier? The so called Russian PUBG servers are LOCATED IN MOSCOW, IN MY OWN CITY, so when I connect to them playing with my friend it has minimal latency around 5 - 15 ms but for some stupid reason I CAN'T PLAY ON THEM SOLO. I found the old forum thread dated November 4, 2018 created in Russian section in this forum. Guess what? Half a year later this is still not fixed. Common! The only solution I see at this moment uninstall this joke of a game and never launch it again.
  10. I don't see the high amount. Ten people complaining on forums is not high compared to PUBG player base, most people just put up with it and keep silent. If hundreds of people complain then they take action, until then they create a bug ticket and put it aside. Sorry to break it to you but that's just how damedev companies are, any companies for that matter. And to make things even worse I would say that considering the state of this game after two years since release it would be miracle if this thing get fixed.
  11. Happened to me as well. I do not know exactly what triggers it but in both cases I was at Paradise Resort in Sanhok. Very crowded too. I don't think it's dependent on weapon, first it happened with Vector then with AKM. I couldn't reproduce it in training. To all people reading this I do not recommend using full auto as default. Instead use single and switch manually, that's what I did. Because I don't see this bug getting fixed any time soon due to it's rare occurrence.
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