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  1. i thought i didnt like the beryl for exactly that reason but since people in this forum convinced me that its a beast, i tried it out more often and now i love it. its like an AK gone wild. its either vector or beryl for short range domination now.
  2. oh ok. i always thought they go hand in hand. at least they came together.
  3. oh i see, you wanna buff the quickdraw mag, make it feel more valuable. would you remove the quickdraw/extended mag and only leave quickdraw or extended? but +30% on vss, sks&slr would not be enough, keep that as it is. but yes, good idea. make the quickdraw a little better, not too much tough.
  4. "force players to use..." don't force anybody! i do pick 'em up for the sake of completion but i know i will throw them out as soon as i find an extended mag. i'd be happy with one type of magazine if the free space is used for interesting stuff.
  5. exactly, it has been tried and i never knew why it was so badly recieved. I liked the idea with the visible circle after rethinking it and here is why: -it adds alot of interesting tactics, do i go to the middle, to the border or far away? -you can assume where the action will be and act accordingly -if you jump somehwere far away from everything you know that it'll be far away from everything it seems that you lose variety but i believe it adds variety. the attual area of interest in this round might become smaller but everybody can land with a plan in his had that he can execute. thats why i'd say make it random, have every 10th game start with a visible circle. it would add so many different tactics.
  6. smaller starting circles first circle to be visible before jump... different speeds... why not make it completely random? The size of the first zone? random! zone movement speeds? random! circle visible before jumping? random! a little more variation wouldnt be that bad, would it?
  7. The center will still be random, the circle system stays the same, we only remove the timer and adjust the speed. Seems its possbile to tune that for a custom game and epsorts seems to play a little like that aswell. i will observe
  8. walk run sprint ? so its the slowest crouch? Sprinting can be heared from over 50m away, i guess its a game design choice. , you can always hear moving enemies.
  9. of course you will not know where it ends, we can keep it the way it is, just adjust speed and remove the waiting times. the first circle would be altered so you can loot anywhere. i am starting to think about it more, we would have to observe our gameplay as it is now and see whats going on during the waiting time for the next zone at its borders, cause those situations wouldnt be the same anymore. camping waiting at the border for incoming people that are late to the circle wouldchange becaue you cannot wait there, the zone started moving at the beginning of the pause, you would be in the blue. but it still works for the white circle if the blue circle is still moving in, so those situations wouldnt dissapear completely. anyway, the current circle system has a few slower moving circles and they feel smooth and still challenging, its not just a haste into the zone but a gentle flow. i'd love to experience that for all circles.
  10. I have no idea how this would work out. It seems to be an interesting idea, though. What i mean is that the bluezone will not stop and wait a few minutes to keep on moving but it moves continuously without a break, to compensate for this it will always be slow enough to outrun it. Is this editable in a custom game? have you tried it already? can you tell me how it works out?
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    its too green!
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