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  1. I'm against anything that is to akin to COD... if they did this (basically the UAV) perk from cod... next would be calling in the dogs and the helicopter... the nuke 🙄
  2. Man I really hope it's to your satisfaction when this finally happens dude, you've certainly put in the campaign time.... you should be a politician 😂😂😂
  3. This... it would be impossible to implement and in fairness in a 100 player death match the match IS the ranking, the best players will rise to the top. If somehow they managed to get all games matched for skill the games would be horrible and mostly about RNG luck, there needs to be varying skills to make a game of it with 100 players online. Ps ... I'm no good myself but anyone can do ok in this game with the right mindset and a little luck. One thing I would get behind is a beginners class.... only available to newcomers worked out from time played/sp/other methods. I think ultimately the difficulty and learning curve of this game will be its downfall as veterans move on and no new players fill their places because they cant compete.... a place for them to see how fun the game is and do some learning would be welcomed... end result would be more new players joining the main game and these would make the game seem easier to people like us... everybody wins.
  4. To answer all of the questions... I dont know if I have, I'm fairly new to shooters? Had a go at most games from one time of another though. I cant see any issues with server, yes, occasionally desync or bullshit moments which are prevalent in any and all online games, it's impossible to get this perfect 100% of the time due to all the variables. As I say, it's pretty good at my end most of the time. No I dont feel frame rate fluctuations, its smooth. It blurs as of course it would whilst spinning around, our eyes wouldn't be able to take in so much detail passing at speed regardless of frame rate. Yes I get the vehicle crashes from invisible texture or whatever and yes it's annoying, not a deal breaker though. I play in resolution priority and find the franerate fine. I'm not saying I wouldn't welcome upgrades on any and all areas if possible including frame rate, however we all know there are issues, not least the consoles struggling to run a very large game designed for much more powerful machines, then the addition to the problem of even less powerful.machines needing to be kept in service. The fact that they are adding little bits of add ons and other upgrades seems to annoy people but at the end of the day they cant put everything else on hold whilst they try to achieve the impossible... but I would imagine somebody somewhere is hard at work trying to figure out the dynamic res issue. I'm happy that whilst the big things happen in the background we ate kept up to date with PC as best as possible.
  5. I really dont understand where all this stuff about this game performing so badly comes from at all? I'm a new player so I did not get to experience "the bad old days" when I believe it was genuinely poorly performing. My experience is that of the best game I have ever played, i recently upgraded to the X model box just because I'm enjoying this game so much and wanted the full experience and was blown away. My game runs smoothly, never get errors or lags or at least 99% of the time Its all good... I honestly dont see this obsession with 60fps? What exactly is it going to do to improve the game so dramatically that warrants all the fuss?... as i say mine currently runs great and i feel no motion blur, stuttering or any other I'll effects from it only being 30 fps.. I was absolutely blown away with the way the game looks now on the x and that's just through a large 4k TV, not a monitor. Some players must be playing a different game to have all these issues with how the game performs... Only issues I have at the moment are - Occasional slow loot loading Driving seems treacherous, invisible death walls etc. Cheaters becoming famous without being brought to justice. (and I can forgive them all of these as the game is so bloody ambitious and brilliant) I know the moaning brigade hate to hear from happy players, so feel free to hate away 😁😁😁
  6. Thanks 😁😁 spent ages trying to get them and then I got this idea in my head... when I took them off to test I felt like I did better but I think it was placebo effect.
  7. I'm talking shoes versus bare foot? ... I want to wear my blue high tops but I feel like my footsteps are louder? But then I dont like seeing my character running around with no shoes as it looks stupid 😂😂... I know people say that only the user notices a difference and to other players footsteps sound the same regardless of footwear... but what's the official stance on it?
  8. Thabks man! I'll be sure to look after them, they sure do immerse you that bit more in the game, I was jumping out of my skin today at some of the blast and shot noises 😂😂... I've settled on the same settings you had, definitely seems the best after testing them out Ahhh crap I looked at those too and considered them knowing that usually the wire makes for better quality, I decided the wire could become annoying as i am up and about a lot during games, getting food, letting the dog out etc
  9. The only thing I would say is that they aren't as comfortable... the cups are leather so feels like it gets a bit sweaty on the ears... also there are buttons all over the place so you need to be careful how you touch them when taking off etc, I keep changing settings by mistake 😂... definite thumbs up from me though... I'm using them with Dolby atmos.
  10. I'm loving them but cant comment on Mic as I dont use it... I've taken a couple of phone calls through them and people can hear me perfectly if that helps?
  11. Just got mine delivered today and I'm well pleased so far, massive difference from the 600 stealth I was using. Sounds are just so much more realistic, clear and with real direction and depth... loving that they connect to my phone for calls also! No more dying because the mrs has rang and I've had to take off the headset 😁😁😁... But theres a lot going on with them settings wise? What is the best for this game? I've gone straight for Game and superhuman hearing setting, but are there others you can recommend trying? Any other tricks? I finally now know what you are all.saying about the red zone and planes being ridiculously loud 😂😂... I'm having to turn the set down when I'm in the plane and the bombs fall.
  12. The purpose of this post wasnt to cause trouble and certainly not to give @PUBG_Andymh5 and other mods grief. I just feel its something that is making the community frustrated to see repeat offenders being made famous for it and being allowed to continue. Also I got my first points last night for daring to discuss this stuff, no big deal in my mind but it did seem very wrong that some of the games most loyal and interactive players are punished for this on a regular basis.... the reporting system is blatantly not working and widely regarded as pointless and that is not a good thing. It feels to me like surely the best answer is to remove these players from the game somehow rather than punish friends of PUBG for talking about it...
  13. Is there an explanation for certain infamous cheaters still being at large Andy? I wont mention names but the first two off the top of my head the famous lag switcher from the post over the weekend, killed a whole team of 3 in 1 second all with headshots? Or the very famous teaming team who mostly share the first 2 initials of their gamertag... similar to the teabags? Its instances such as these that are getting the community frustrated, to see the same people blatantly cheating every day and they still continue? How can we say that action is being taken when this is the case?
  14. Hi Andy thanks for the reply, that is the purpose of this poll. I think a lot in the community are feeling that the cheaters are not punished and people on the forum are getting frustrated to keep seeing prolific cheaters still hard at their work and even more so when forum members are getting into trouble for discussing them. My personal view on these rules are that they are there so to aid the "sweeping under the carpet" of these prolific and persistent cheats. If they cannot be discussed then the player base wont know that they are being allowed to keep offending etc. My view is that it is wrong to punish good members of the community for calling out these offenders. I have never once seen a post that wasnt a blatant cheat with evidence. The stance that it may be showing people how to cheat or advertising it is nonsense at this stage. There are so many other ways of gaining information about how to cheat at this game, the forum discussing it doesnt go any way at all to making this happen. Punishing people in an effort to make it appear like it isnt happening just is not working. All it is doing is frustrating and annoying the player base to see offenders of the most blatant and highest order going unchecked. They are famous for it, they have media pages showing off about it and they are allowed to continue.... it couldn't be more wrong. I get that this subject can turn toxic and that will be another reason for the attempts to silence it. However I just feel it needs attention rather than ignorance and maybe then it will finally go away for good?
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