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  1. 😂😂😂 it was the opposite for me earlier! Played for 3 hours and not one sanhok! I was wanting it due to low player count making bigger maps boring
  2. After a bit more playing another positive is what seems to be a general polish on colours and possibly graphics, just seems to look better? Couple of negatives... it seems the weapons are loading slower sometimes than I've ever seen... hot dropping I run around looking for weapons only to find the weapons at the first point I looked upon returning (not there initially) Also most games are below 50 players which gets a bit boring quickly... very slow games.
  3. I'm very impressed... Playing on og xbox with ssd.. Only a few solo games in now on various maps but first impressions are good. Liking the lighting changes inside buildings (being darker) especially on Sanhok... however possibly needs toning down a bit as it's a little too dark in some. The player movement is a huge plus, character just seems to move more fluid, not getting caught up on objects, jumping etc all much more fluid. Rendering seems better although I want having much problem anyway with ssd. Haven't noticed much else other than I just had my favourite game on miramar yet, found loads of good loot! edit... also really happy to have a clean slate for the new season so I can work on my stats, only started playing recently and my awful start was affecting them 😂 One very happy player here....
  4. Ah no worries it's cool the PTS has just finished installing so I can play anyway 😁... all good!
  5. I know I'm being impatient here but I've been sitting quietly waiting to play for 2 hours now 😂😂.... currently 8 mins past 13.00 cest unless I'm mistaken? Is everyone else still unable to play?
  6. I've never noticed it to be fair, more likely just very good players.... I see that a lot. I'm amazed sometimes how quickly some can aim accurately at my head. But when I spectate theres no giveaways, just a very good player.
  7. Awesome knew I could rely on you guys 😂😂... I'll give all.this a try this week
  8. I'm gonna need some help with Erangel once I turn my attention to it 😂... most games I play on it I end up immediately in a loot dilemma! It seems no matter where I land there isn't the basic things I need, let alone anything good 😂.... so my game is compromised from the get-go. I hate landing in big towns or severely hot places as it never ends well for a man of my skill 😂. Anybody care to share some tips for landings with good loot but not very hot... just kind of hot? I think if I could have a good loot and get properly involved in phase 2 I would really like the map. Water town is about the only place I have found where I get any success.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I'll get on it, sounds good 👍👍
  10. I gave up reading as it gave me headache 😂😂😂. Punctuation is a miracle.
  11. Another noob enquiry 😂😂😂... What is this public test server I'm hearing about? And do I want it, how do I get it etc etc....when i get it does it need to gi on my ssd like the other install. Any and all info welcomed, thanks guys and girls. 😁
  12. I'm looking forward to a change, I'm all for the system it works for me at the moment, I'm still learming the game and I'm finding it good to run with the featured map for it's full duration and really start to learn them. I used to hate sanhok and now after the last month it's my favourite! I'll do the same with Erangal now.
  13. 😂😂 I couldn't believe it! I've tried to land that window lots and always miss... the one time I manage it this crazy chick lands there with me and starts slapping me up 😂😂.... I was down to the same health as he was so it would have been next punch wins... I should have just chased thinking about it now. I can't help but take the fist fight if I land with someone it's a must 😂😂😂
  14. Fair play to him he got the better of me after running off away from the big title fight 😂😂😂... most ridiculous start to a match ever 😂😂😂... I thought I'd scared him off with my right hook but clever bastard sneaked round and got me 1😂😂.... 1.58.0 to 2.00.20
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