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  1. I've actually found that changing to the steam shard still returns the matches from xbox, and does not give any errors that I am running into with the xbox shard. I can't put my finger on why some xbox shard matches return a proper response, and others return an error.
  2. I'm having trouble accessing some matches via Javascript. I've tried both Ajax and fetch. It appears that some matches can be obtained without issue, but others give a "blocked by CORS Policy" error. So I decided to enter one of these trouble matches into the documentation.pubg.com site itself and it also shows an error: "Code undocumented: TypeError: Failed to fetch." These same matches return a valid response when retrieved with Curl. Here are my recent matches that return the error (on xbox): ebe2c207-4aec-4274-8035-c8be3b09f65d 2f4cb45b-a6b0-425c-a72c-c8d1c14ec6d0 30486667-905c-4e2b-8b3c-387414bfec49 98173f4f-4cd9-4163-9593-bc6da122d845 81ca2c8d-7b30-48b6-81e3-2da78de4063c e1ebd100-b7cf-488c-a069-2845eccd6c42 93add1bd-b355-4137-b377-90d054d6dfbc cb6890ee-a9ed-47a4-adde-8aeb8b862523 A sample url would be: https://api.pubg.com/shards/xbox/matches/cb6890ee-a9ed-47a4-adde-8aeb8b862523 I feel like this is some sort of known issue with requesting with Ajax or fetch, because the Pubg stat websites I visit frequently are able to show me these matches, so I imagine they must be using a different approach.
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