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    Kaymind inspired clips

    Really? There's always room for improvement. No matter the case. What do you think the older you get the worse you get... i sort of understand but no disrespect, thinking like that isn't doing you any favours in my opinion
  2. This happens when someone is killed whilst popping meds. Had it happen the other day. Extremely annoying. Just wait till we get the flare guns. Has anyone seen the bug on pc where loot is on the floor but can't be picked up. I can bet my wages we get that bug when we get that update. They know about it!!! Every bug can almost be predicted by the pc versions current bugs
  3. Pcfanbo1

    Kaymind inspired clips

    I know right! Believe it or not, kaymind actually plays with a very low sensitivity. His movement and awareness is unbelievable. I tend to struggle now and again when I play because I'm like ten steps in front of what my controller can allow me to play. Im Hopefully getting back to pc gaming this year. It's miles and miles in front of what and console could ever deliver
  4. Pcfanbo1

    Kaymind inspired clips

    Not a problem. Yes it's very hard to master. High sensitivity helps.
  5. Pcfanbo1

    Kaymind inspired clips

    No actually I'm on og xbox. I used to be a pc gamer back when battlefield 2 was a thing. I think 2006 was my last game on pc. Always been a pcfanboi so yeah lol.
  6. Pcfanbo1

    Kaymind inspired clips

    No you still have to press y to pull out your weapon. Try it. I do this to heal on the roll Edit again.. you only have to hold RT till you switch, once you switch, it just rolls
  7. We have the bug pc players had. Basically. Molotov can be heard at over 1km away. They knew about it and still gave us it. Edit... also the dead bodies making footstep sounds we have that. They knew about it and still gave us the bug.
  8. Pcfanbo1

    Kaymind inspired clips

    Made this account here to complain about the game. Haven't got enough video clips to make a thread yet. FYI if you seat swap and hold RT the vehicle will keep rolling, it won't brake. Also hold A to go Straight back to drivers seat. Kaymind is my favourite player by far.