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  1. Well... kind of.. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pcfanbo1/video/73211323
  2. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pcfanbo1/video/72824656
  3. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pcfanbo1/video/72821993
  4. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pcfanbo1/video/72822219 I downed this guy earlier, team mate still alive. Had a thought he was being revived. Threw a nade just to make sure. If you look close it looks like my nade hit him in the head and killed him.
  5. I'm sorry but no hard reset or reinstall will fix this. Believe it or not.... ive Tried and tested.. I'm playing on an og xbox with pubg being the only game on the hard drive Internet speed from Glasgow to Newcastle. Ping 21ms downloads mbps 223.49 Upload mbps 6.95 Just to rule out any Internet problems
  6. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pcfanbo1/video/72821767 Og xbox Wired connection Eu server (home server) I've never had this problem. Been playing the game since mirimar release. This happens an ALL maps every game without fail. I had high hopes for this update. I actually can't fault anything else apart from this st... st... stuttery mess at the start of every game. Hot drops are impossible. Appreciate the fuck up devs like really can't thank you enough..
  7. It's insulting and embarrassing that they would even poke fun of there own game. Maybe it's more humerus to the pc community. I don't know. All I see is a pathetic attempt at an April fools joke. It's hardly a time to poke fun at your own game when Infact its broken as fuck. Instead of making us laugh.. In my opinion it's almost like they are laughing at us. Infact bring the moon update, probably run better than this shit at the moment. Devs are tuned to the moon more like!!!
  8. Hardly decent. More pathetic to be brutally honest. I'm all for April fools jokes but this to me is a bit too try hard. Nothing was even funny about the 'patch notes' joke. There is more effort in this April fools joke than there is with the actual fixes needed in this game. Vikendi has been out what? Almost 2 months now and the game is still in a very broken state. I love this game. Ive Been playing since mirimar release. But the lack of urgency from the devs to fix this game is embarrassing to say the least.
  9. Imagine even questioning this??? To be completely honest. What an insult to the community. The game is a mess at the moment. Undocumented changes. Lack of communication and info on future updates etc. I love the fact they trolled the pc forum and not the xbox forum, I'd imagine this community would tear a new ass orafice for them.. Pubg corp/blue hole have really bad humour. I'm actually disgusted with the state of this game and the lack of information
  10. Really? There's always room for improvement. No matter the case. What do you think the older you get the worse you get... i sort of understand but no disrespect, thinking like that isn't doing you any favours in my opinion
  11. This happens when someone is killed whilst popping meds. Had it happen the other day. Extremely annoying. Just wait till we get the flare guns. Has anyone seen the bug on pc where loot is on the floor but can't be picked up. I can bet my wages we get that bug when we get that update. They know about it!!! Every bug can almost be predicted by the pc versions current bugs
  12. I know right! Believe it or not, kaymind actually plays with a very low sensitivity. His movement and awareness is unbelievable. I tend to struggle now and again when I play because I'm like ten steps in front of what my controller can allow me to play. Im Hopefully getting back to pc gaming this year. It's miles and miles in front of what and console could ever deliver
  13. Not a problem. Yes it's very hard to master. High sensitivity helps.
  14. No actually I'm on og xbox. I used to be a pc gamer back when battlefield 2 was a thing. I think 2006 was my last game on pc. Always been a pcfanboi so yeah lol.
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