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  1. Same in Rome with FTTS (Fastweb). Ping is ranging from ~30ms to ~60ms in training ground, haven't tried in game yet. Honestly I was afraid things being worst than this
  2. I have ~1500 matches and I play in the EU server, mainly in Duo. A month ago I thought my level was improving as I was winning more fights than I was loosing but now I struggle to get a good night and it's starting to be frustrating. Do you think the general skill level of the player-base is getting better and better? In Solo I still get some easy kills, but in Duo it's really hard and in Squad I just get wiped before saying hi. My shooting skills are good in CQC and kinda poor in longer range, but most of the time the other team just finds better positiong and gets easy kill. If I try to wait in cover most of the time another team comes from behind, if I try to move I get pwned. Kinda loosing my motivation right now. 😕
  3. This happened to me tonight ☹️ https://1drv.ms/v/s!AojHH1GV_zLviEj8IqrEk_US77BI
  4. I tried to use the Training Ground but I can't find an effective routine to practice my aim. What do you do to refine your aim?
  5. I lowered my 1X sensitivity to 4 and feels better, also I lowered Aim Acceleration from 5 to 1. This setting seems to fit better in my hands but has a great issue while tracking vehicles. Do you use hip fire in these situation? https://1drv.ms/v/s!AojHH1GV_zLviDroADWXFnirjsNQ
  6. I realized being in Burst mode while watching the clip. I use auto-spray-pray 90% of the times but here I had a high recoil weapon with no vertical grip so I went for burst for a medium range moving enemy.
  7. I had two crashes in two days (about 20 games). Xbox One X with SSD
  8. I've recently increased my sensitivity for 1X gradually from 3 to 6 but I will probably get back to 4. My current settings are: Type B Vibration: Off Both deadzones: 10 Fwd running sensitivity: 20 Movement sensitivity: 50 Aim acceleration: 5 Vertical Sens Multiplier: 100% General: 8 OTS: 8 1x: 6 2x: 6 3x: 6 4x: 6 6x: 6 8x:6 15x: 8 Smooth preset on the right stick.
  9. I was thinking to add another paddle now that I've got used to the one on the left, tonight I'll try with one paddle mapped to B for crouching.
  10. I’m a nearly-noob player with 1500 games and 10 wins. Last season I had a slightly positive K/D ratio in Solo 1.25, 0.75/0.80 in Duo, 0.65 in squad. A month ago I switched from Type A to Type B and I’m now using an elite controller with LB mapped on a paddle. I mainly play Duo, before that change I was getting a good number of kills and I always got in top 3-4 a couple of times every night. Now I feel that I’ve got used to my new controls but in the last days my game sessions has been tragic and I cannot understand why. I play in European servers. In this clip I tried to reposition and get advantage but I ended up exposing myself to the sniper. Also my aim has been potatoish here. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AojHH1GV_zLviDJFEl93lZuT2dU3 What would have you done different here?
  11. Last night this occurred during a game on Vikendi, totally sounded like snow footsteps to me, but the player was actually climbing the concrete stairs. Am i missing something? 02-06-2019_02-08-43-s5xdhaxr_mods.mov
  12. How many of you guys switched to the tall-stick for the right one (aiming)? I tried it and it makes moving object tracking easier but it’s almost impossible to use it for leaning right.
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