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  1. How many of you guys switched to the tall-stick for the right one (aiming)? I tried it and it makes moving object tracking easier but it’s almost impossible to use it for leaning right.
  2. Interesting topic, this is one of my biggest blocker in game. TPP and footstep’s sound gives a good advantage to people “tactically holding their position” (😌) but still when I’m the one in the building I panic and many times I struggle to find a good line of shoot to aim at the enemy. Really hard to figure out the best tactic approach.
  3. The number of matches has been constant during the latest months, ~32K chicken dinners per day on Xbox. xboxpubg.com
  4. OneTapKar 😄 DB85A6D6-92C6-44B7-A60A-C92645ECA499.MOV
  5. I don't think that's a bad idea, but it's not applicable in the pubg world (think of all the bugs position/stuff related) and it will be really hard to test. Also after a year playing these maps I like my favourite spots
  6. A funny example of road bug that happened to me CF9490FD-6DBA-49D1-83E8-061FEB50B863.MP4
  7. LoL, I love this game, with all his bugs.
  8. How can you tell without a doubt that a player who killed you was using mouse and keyboard?
  9. I’ve been getting some “Network lag detected” in the past few days. Can’t tell about desync, it’s hard to identify
  10. At least one headshot should have been registered, in my opinion.
  11. I think Aimbot is better than GaGa.
  12. I can't figure out if I really missed the shots here or there was a problem registering my hits. See the video and then the damage report from pubglookup. I ended up winning the game so I don't think the server had big lag issues, but still I can't understand if it was my connection or enemy's connection issue... or potato aim What do you think? 04-05-2019_02-25-48-bxorawoq_mod2.mov
  13. Why do you think so? Also, can you please post the clip versus Thumbless Duo team? I'm really curious.
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