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  1. if they don't banned Racist players, do you think they will cares abut banning K/M players 😂😂 Figure it out.
  2. yah a free ps + game for a month will solve the problem, but i think they are trying to fix the game first and offers a full Producer Because now the game should be in early access, yah this is what i see,
  3. they talked about that, when they are happy with the game stable in both PS4 an XBOX they will unlock the frames to 60FPS and do Crossplay. I think the game Graphic play a part in this Case, fortnite have a Cartoon Graphic work Smoothly, be aware, the maker of PUBG are New in Counsels it's their first game in PS4, Compare to other companies being in Counsels Business for a long time.
  4. i don't know why we don't get a proximity chat. not only in PUBG, but there are so many games the proximity chat is Disabled. i think it's because of Sony Policy are Serious,, and Sony try to offer a better place for gaming, if we see in GTA Online, there is a Strict policy,, if you find anyone toxic players you can report hem, and the toxic guy will get banned in the next 24 hours, and the customers game support is doing Amazing work. having a proximity chat in a battle royale games will spread the toxicity between players, and I think some games companies are scared they can't control them or something and They decided to Disable the proximity chat. I reported a racist guy was in my Team, I even include a Video to PUBG Support, and the guy is still playing and he did not get punished, he insults me In front of his friends and team kill me, and broke my feeling and he get away with this... I stopped playing PUBG for a month because of this situation.. and Imagine if the proximity chat was open While PUBG Support can't handle players Teams Reports... this is my experience as customers in PUBG game, and I have the right to say this... the PUBG Customers Support in PS4 is a joke. and if you faced someone did not respect you just fight back... there is no banned System in PUBG PS4
  5. WhatWhatWhat you have bad Connection....
  6. Go play COD seriously, telling other Members " Go play other games" is not a Solution we asked for Events and someone said go play apex legends we asked for 60FPS and someone said go play fortnite and now a poor guy asked for a Solution for the FFP and someone said go play Cod This is PUBG Forum, and we are in "Game Discussion & Feedback" you need to understand the meaning of "Game Discussion & Feedback".. it doesn't mean others games.. its men "PUBG Discussion & Feedback if anyone has the desire to submit Reply its better to be Logical, I've seen so many Members throwing not logical comments Everywhere... i don't know what Socom days you Means, i think you Mean having the game but not playing the game
  7. Sanhok was the biggest mistake to be the only chosen map, this creates Lazy players, a lot of players Now only play Sanhok to jump in Botcamp and getting killed, then they leave the game and joining other game and do the same thing again, again and again in the squad. and if you ask them, why you jump in Botcamp and You know you will get killed fast, They will say "The Magic of Botcamp can't resist" or " I want to kill a lot of people" and the fact is they are just idiot players playing in a random squad and causing the team to lose the game. I only jump on Botcamp if I play with my friends, the people I know and i make sure we have a tactic Communication
  8. "Tactical Marker" is the Best feature for me in this patch, "Auto Equip Attachments" this will help a lot to do everything Quickly.. love it. "Weapons Mastery" is interesting Now we have so many things to do Season pass Challenges level up Gun Challenges level Up Weapons Mastery Level up Survival Points Do I have the desire to play that mitch to level up everything ...NO still boring to play the game in 30FPS, i will wait for 60FPS Announcement,,, or witing another 60FPS third person Military Br game to show up this is my thoughts
  9. Playing FPP in 30 FPS is not fun, PUBG is the only BR game in ps4 offer 30FPS at the moment, this topic has been repeated in this Forum many time, and there is only one Answer
  10. next time try to Quote your reply so we know who you talking to,,, if you are a big fan of these games like fortnite and apex legends, good for you.. i even own the bast Middle East PS4 community, if I saw any member Mentioned fortnite or apex legends.. i just Block hem, even if one of the members has fortnite avatar we Block hem from the community, and we have 4 Moderators just for Blocking. because our community is only for PUBG. asking for events in PUBG Does not mean we need something like fortnite and apex legends.. events are something good to change the Routine.. almost all online games have events there was an event in pubg xbox version, this is was from the last Year, so yeah.... there was no point from you to Mentioned your favorite game "apex legends" in this Topic
  11. The Developers already talked about 60 FPS Update coming to PUBG Ps4, and 2 weeks ago one of the Moderators talked about 60 FPS status, the Picture down from 2018 article. Currently, most BR Games companies trying to make cross-play with the PS5 like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and i think we will see the same thing with PUBG.. cross-play (Xbox-Ps4-PS5) something like this and the only Different is the Graphics quality
  12. i never experience any of these problems, I also got the platinum trophy, fished all season 1 challenge + 5kpoint, never ever get with ping problem. if the Servers located in EU i think the Arabs guy's shud have problems with ping and you guys Should have a better advantage from us in connection other then this I think the server host located in the Middle East 😂😂😂.. My internet speed is 50Mb Ethernet cable 12 devices connected
  13. you probably have bad internet Connection. can I ask you Questions - What is your internet speed? - Do you connect your ps4 by Wireless or Lan? - how many people/Phones are connecting in your network?
  14. crying!! why you are using this language!! did I break your feeling? I am sorry... we are here in this topic asking for new Contents...this will help your FFP Problem No one cares anymore, the majority of players play with randem squad and jump in boot camp or bosh we need a real Contents.. seriously do you call this Contents 😂😂(Skins,New Guns,Cars)!!!! we need Events, classic is getting Boring as hell. The game Routine is getting Terrible...if they are focusing on fixing the game.. then call this god damn game an early access game. Skins and new cars and new guns are not real Contents
  15. the bast Pubg Community in the Ps4 become abandoned, this shit is global..but people still play Check it out I am sorry man, i don't know how to Reply to you, i think i need to be drunk kust like you.... Read the topic Well
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