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  1. ItsYacob89

    “Boulder Glitch”

    Thanks and will do. Hope it’s fixed quickly. 👍🏼
  2. On Vikendi there are numerous Boulders/large rocks on hillsides or just in the plain wide open that players are driving into before they render 100% to gain an unfair advantage... which is Cheating. I don’t believe it’s necessary to upload a clip or anything of this but if any admins would like a sample I can give one but it’s been quite common since last update. I did I quick search and surprisingly didn’t find any related topic to players doing this. I enjoy playing vikendi, but I’ve been very discouraged from playing this map in specific since a growing number of players just camp inside a boulder that they can see though, shoot through, toss throw throwables through and then just walk right out of when their done... BS. I’ve been reporting those who I see do it and will continue to do so through xbox and pubgs site. Regardless of the game allowing this.... your still cheating. I hope everyone else who sees this will do the same.
  3. ItsYacob89

    Where do I even begin...

    Well played dropping the VSS for ur mate stuck in the floor. SOME day we can all only hope that everyone playing pubg, regardless of their xbox model or drives, will no longer have loading issues. Perhaps in PUBG 2.0 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. ItsYacob89

    Rendering!!!! All maps new problem!

    SSD 👍🏼 Makes a world of difference. No falling through maps ((when u drive)can still happen if ur buddy on the OG xBox is driving ur squad around), and anywhere u land is loaded by the time ur shoot slows u down. Is for me at least. One X Wired with the Samsung T5 SSD. Seagate makes a relatively inexpensive one. Samsung is likely the best option. I run the T5, believe it was just under $100
  5. Just wanted to throw this out there, when playing Vikendi under Moon Light the wind is waaayyy OP. The higher visual difficulty is cool, so given that can we at least hear footsteps within a reasonable distance? If ya’ll agree share your opinions below and maybe devs will consider toning it down a notch... or five notches. 👍🏼
  6. ItsYacob89

    Shut the damn cars off after we get out.

    Yes this needs to be fixed ASAP.. I now come to a complete stop via handbrake and take a second to get out so it doesn’t happen. Although countless times I’ve had to come to a quick stop or a slow to jump out for a fight and the damn vehicle stays running. Does it with all vehicles.
  7. ItsYacob89

    Network lag detected

    Well, I suppose that doesn’t matter. As long as you have over 1 gbps (1000mbps) speeds it should be fine. I have 1300mbps on a wired network and it’s been smooth as silk since I got the replacement router. I’m not trying to defend the game because I know it has its issues. Although since the last update where they introduced moon light on vikendi, those of us playing with good internet speeds and a ssd should be doing so quite smoothly... even since the release of vikendi it should be smooth, at least mine has been. I can only suggest uninstalling then reinstalling the game... if it continues then try digging deeper and checking out what kind of Consistancy your getting for speed from your ISP because I don’t think it’s a problem with the game. Other than that idk what to recommend man. Good luck
  8. ItsYacob89

    Network lag detected

    I’ve done so long ago bud. Can I ask how much mbps ur router pushes out? I didn’t read through the whole thread so forgive me if I’m making you repeat yourself.
  9. ItsYacob89

    Network lag detected

    Play a different game..
  10. Video attached. Small issue but I figured I’d post it. A69D6459-5C44-4C8B-BBDC-E3FBDCB83066.mp4
  11. ItsYacob89

    Network lag detected

    I used to get network lag all the time, usually at the worst times possible. My one x is wired with an ssd but my cable goes from the modem to a router for WiFi throughout the house... then to my xbox. I replaced my old WiFi router with a new/better one several months ago and it hasn’t happened since. Point being : Most likely a hardware issue.