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  1. I thinks you need a install a Microsoft.NET.Framework.3.5
  2. When we get the Middle East server for PUBG! 😶 Is gonna happen soon or not? a lot of players want play in this server.
  3. I guess the problem comes from Report Rate(Hz) in my mouse. When I set my report Rate 1000Hz I have a mouse lag but when I set 250Hz is fixed
  4. **** But when I use a different mouse not any lag
  5. ***** One More :When I use 'alt' in keyboard (free lock) is happened to no matter how much I have an FPS
  6. Hi, after patch 30 (maybe after the small update for fix FPS drop, about 125 MB) I have issues about lagging mouse movement when my FPS unstable and comes to under '30'. All these steps I did to solve the issues, but the issues did not fix : - Restarting computer. - Remove all launch options. - Verify the integrity of the game files. -Manually remove configuration settings. - Uninstall the game. After I see that not fix issues, I did this : - Install new Windows 10 'Enterprise v1903 Build 18362.175 (Updated June 2019)'. -Download the full version of the game form 'Steam'. - Install NVIDIA GeForce Driver '430.86'. *** All my driver hardware and my software update, Issues not solved I think the following information will help you to find a solution to this problem: I play in a laptop ASUS N550JX : Processor (CPU): Intel® Core™ i7 4720HQ Processor. My screen of the laptop is 15.6 and 4K resolution but my windows I set Full HD Graphic: Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4600 - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M with 4GB DDR3 Memory: 12 GB Chipset: Intel® HM86 Express Chipset Name of mouse I use: Al90 BLAZING LASER GAMING MOUSE. Currently, I uninstalled a bloody(mouse program) form my pc and in the setting of the mouse program, just set my DPI (1000). Average FPS I get in the game is 30.
  7. When we get Middle East server #PUBG ! 😶 Is gonna happen soon or not ? a lot of players gonna play in this server . @PUBG_Hawkinz
  8. In Mini Maps(Sanhok , VIKIEND ) Aire Drop (Flare Gun) Should come down faster because size of map
  9. Mark of air drop land in map show only when air drop in airplane, After that is remove mark.
  10. Well, to begin with, I can tell my new ideas . First One : { #If you not add more or add very low loot in map Erangel and Miramar. [Gameplay] Flare Guns only respawn in Battle Royale map (Erangel and Miramar). Remove Red Zone . [Spawn Rate] Add more Flare Guns : First Playzone : Player can Calling 3 Air Drops. Second Playzone : Player can Calling 2 Air Drops. Third Playzone : Player can Calling 1 Air Drops. [Sound] Fix Sound foot . Less sound Airplane and Flare Guns. } Second one : { #If you add more loot in map Erangel and Miramar. [Gameplay] We don't need a Flare Guns Remove Red Zone . [Sound] Fix Sound foot . Less sound Airplane. }
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