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  1. When we get Middle East server #PUBG ! 😶 Is gonna happen soon or not ? a lot of players gonna play in this server . @PUBG_Hawkinz
  2. is not hard ,is a pointless (waste time ). I don't want any one say is good ,if any one have same Ideas (I do not need to say anything )
  3. Why you doing this . I just unlock this :Get 2 Kills with a Tommy Gun in a single match - For 5 time This is a painful . If you don't want give us a skin, just tell us. I think if any person want get skin S686 Gun ,Should do a impossible task. Please reduce this Task
  4. In Mini Maps(Sanhok , VIKIEND ) Aire Drop (Flare Gun) Should come down faster because size of map
  5. Mark of air drop land in map show only when air drop in airplane, After that is remove mark.
  6. Well, to begin with, I can tell my new ideas . First One : { #If you not add more or add very low loot in map Erangel and Miramar. [Gameplay] Flare Guns only respawn in Battle Royale map (Erangel and Miramar). Remove Red Zone . [Spawn Rate] Add more Flare Guns : First Playzone : Player can Calling 3 Air Drops. Second Playzone : Player can Calling 2 Air Drops. Third Playzone : Player can Calling 1 Air Drops. [Sound] Fix Sound foot . Less sound Airplane and Flare Guns. } Second one : { #If you add more loot in map Erangel and Miramar. [Gameplay] We don't need a Flare Guns Remove Red Zone . [Sound] Fix Sound foot . Less sound Airplane. }
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