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  1. Whoa didnt know about different studios , it sure explaines a lot ! And am sure by time more players will join the game I can get used to no visual footprints and the blood marker or even the plane deploying , but the they got to do something about the auto pick loot options , the gameplay would be much easier and enjoyable !
  2. Hi all First of all I coming from a pubg mobile , loved the game so decided to move on to ps4 version buy the game for wider screen and better visual performance and what a HUGE disappointed I am Here are what some of the things made me gone mad at the game 1. There is no visual mark of where you getting shot from!!!! , its an A B C of all shooter games i've played since i was born and i dont know why but you gonna stand like an idiot dont know where you getting killed from. 2 . No footprints visual mark on the maps , you only depending on foot sounds , so if you are not raising the game volume or you going deaf this game is not for you 3. Maybe its me , but till nw i dont know if its an even an option to deploy with your team from the plane 4. Dont get me started on the game options ! You dont get to choose maps You dont get to sync your game progress from mobile ( in my case ) You dont get to auto pick stuff , you have to spend ridiculous time to pick the wanted weapon and its ammo and you have to releod it by yourself , just why ?!! Its so obvious if i picked the weapon then i wanted it ! , why not auto pick the ammo and reload it automatically the second you pick the weapon like in the mobile version ! But noo i have to pick up the weapon , keep moving the cursor on a lot of stuff on the ground to get the wanted ammo and find the weapon on my hand empty so i reload it so you reach a moment where you get mad and pick all the stuff on the ground to get the ammo you want but you fill your bag with crap you dont want plus the game allowing you to downgrade your helmet and vest !!! Why on earth would i want to do that !!!! In mobile version it get rejected because Duh !! I tried to play several games but at the end i got so pissed off deciding to wait for a real update to the gameplay Really hoping for a fix to these things as the gameplay will be much more enjoyable like the mobile version.
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