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  1. Agreed. You just gotta send it. My duo partner is always like, "DUDE SHOTS NOT NECESSARY MAN" and I'm like... how the hell am I ever gonna get epic clips if I'm not racking off bolt action shots at 800m?!
  2. I've read what you said about that challenge a couple times and I wonder if they fixed it... I am on the second challenge and I have 1/2 the way complete so I know it was originally bugged because I got 1/2 for only getting one 200m headshot. But look at this last night... My last game I got two almost 500m kills with the M24 - none of them headshots - Didn't complete the challenge.
  3. True - a real cowboy is gonna ride and die with that hat on. I'm reminded of PBR... If your gonna cowboy hat it... you better commit. Committed: Lack of Commitment:
  4. I used to always pick Miramar on these polls. Still love it but it never seems like I can get a full match on it anymore AND I barely ever get it so I'm starting to get rusty on it. Chose Erangel for now because I'm getting it a TON and I've been developing some new strats on it. Biggest gripe on "other" selection is that I'm not getting a variety of maps in my rotation whether I join standard or quick join. I like playing all the maps but I typically only get Sanhok/Erengal right now. Hadn't thought about this much but I have seen/experienced this a bit lately. Some updates to the blue zone mechanics could be good.
  5. I've felt the same way since the last patch. I've been playing very sloppy in gun fights and it seems like quick button combos I used to use seamlessly aren't registering quick enough. For example, if I ADS + Lean right and pop out take a shot, duck back to cover and decide to soft aim + lean right and pop back out to shoot sometimes the ADS or soft aim won't work. Same thing with changing grenades or doing a quick switch and grenade toss, switch back to weapon and one of the buttons doesn't register so I'm left vulnerable longer. Things that could flow so easily before seem to be sloppy now. Curious if that is the kind of thing you're talking about too.
  6. Yeah, I think it is too much. The flow of the game seems quite F**ked now. As someone mentioned before I think people might actually move around more with less loot - pushing hot spots for better loot and to resupply. So far the fights I was in pre-loot rebalance have been much more fun than they are now.
  7. This update is as divisive as American politics. It amazes me how many people talk about this like there is a correct answer. The trend I keep seeing is that people that play a lot of squads are stoked on the update while people that play a lot of solos are so/so on the update. If they had left solos with the first loot buff and given duos/squads this second loot buff I think everyone might have been happier. I liked the weapon struggle in solos a bit on Erangel. My game went like Move tactically -> Acquire -> Kill (rinse and repeat). Now my games on erangel are more like, Acquire -> Roam to find people to fight. At this point I feel like it is almost more boring having everything you want right off the bat. I'll adjust my play style and be fine with it but I don't think its great. One example - I enjoy stealthily stalking someone with a shotgun because I'm out looted and feel great if I overcome that situation (shotgun vs AR, etc). Sure I can still do that now but it is a lot harder to MAKE that decision to do that rather than be forced to do it. IDK just the way I feel
  8. Nah, I disagree. The loot increase makes the game just a little more basic. There's a bit less to worry about now. I guess it's good for people who like things easy.
  9. I'm getting excited to play the new map with all these different takes! I never thought it needed a change on solo though. Wish they would of just gave squad matches a loot increase.
  10. Thanks man! Ah okay, I'll try that out then.
  11. I think I'd have to re-download it on my HDD which takes a while on my Wifi. Just looking for an easier answer. Everyone probably plays with an SSD now hah
  12. I've been playing with an SSD for some time now so the rendering has not been an issue for me for a while. Can anyone out there w/o an SSD chime in on how the rendering on the initial landing is now days? I have some friends thinking about getting back into PubG and I don't want to be giving them BS information about the rendering. A year ago without an SSD I'm thinking of like 20 seconds of play dough buildings on landing (especially at a hot drop) - I guess use that for comparison? TIA
  13. I think they removed in on Preset C.
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