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  1. Monkeys always want something that looks good, not something that works good.
  2. Живет в москве - жалуется что не играет на европейских серверах. Ты в школе проходил этнические понятия или EU/RU для тебя одно и то же? слишком жесткий для RU сервера со своим 80 авг?
  3. Действительно, увеличенный лут ведь должен означать 35 каряков и десять AWM в одном доме, чейта этот блюхол вообще офигел КАК ИГРАТЬ ТА ВАЩЕ
  4. Сделал в игре сглаживание на среднее и поставил увеличенную резкость - стало хорошо.
  5. с 2017го года умираю от этой проблемы, трава и сетка рабица просто плавят моё зрение, когда просто стоишь ничего, но стоит влево вправо поводить то неачинается жесть из трясущихся краев. Кто как справлялся с этим? текстуры на ульра не помогают, как и 120 разрешение экрана. Ставил сглаживание на ультра - одно мыло по экрану. Неужели это говнарьское сглаживание единственный способ?
  6. What should i do to get rid of this stuff? this things follows me since of 2017 and never disappear. I mean especially the grass, shaking with some kind of needles on the borders and rabitz fence melting my eyes off. Ultra textures doesnt help same as antialiasing, screens becomes just blurry as hell. Any suggestions?
  7. 3KD 400ADR player here, 2 years of PUBG already, with 3k hours played. Same as the TS i want to say that as for today as example 4 out of 5 games filled with chinese cheaters with aim and wh. So maybe you know better than top 50 of EU tpp squad champion ?
  8. Judging by your amazing 1k/d whens every twohanded players have as minimum 2KD, i'd say your biggest issue is misunderstanding of 3/4 (that everyones undestands except you) and l2p ofc. Also ADR is way important than KD, l2p kid as i said before.
  9. Yeah thats the only reason this guy plays so bad, even my granny could have a higher ADR.
  10. Lol 3 seconds to shoot full mag with 130-150 and 3 seconds to do it with 60 fps >>> begins to cry about bugs Also dude, look at your stats, 0.5 KD and 120 ADR, youre not in such big position to complain about game mechanics. When this game was released, me and my team took top 50 of europe with i5 4440 and 560ti , no SSD and 8 Gb's of DDR3 RAM. Why do you even say something?
  11. So, how many time it took to launch 300 games ?
  12. Update you had today for 36mb's was not an update, that was just a fix or smth. Patches still of 8< Gb's
  13. So we playing for 2 years vs chinese who are not allowed to play PUBG at all? huh
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