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  1. As all we know, GaBlueHole is a Korean company, as all we know koreans do everything to make people to play thair games, as all korean MMORPGS there alot of daily quests and free stuff that you can obtain when you play the game 7\7 per week. So what we have for now in PUBG? oh , we have a perfect korean system of PTS, where you IN MUST to play as much as you can to be on a first place. Let me explain: In previous rating system you was in must to tryhard , to win , cuz if you reach a place less than top 10 you get negative number of points, (minus number) As for now than much you play than more rating you have. Like really ? asian kids who have no life playing 5 people with one account, that always online, have top ranks. Is that the way rating should be in cybersport? Even cancers with 0.5 KD and 50 AVG can reach top 10 easily by playing 24\24. Just take a look: first place in TPP squad mode have 3300 games in this season. So lets count : 1 game is about 20 minutes : so 3300x20:60:24=45 days OF COMPLETE ONLINE GAMING IN PUBG PER SEASON, LIKE REALLY?
  2. Questioner


    As a player who plays top combination of 300 ADR+ squads i can easily declare that 50% of players that i play with are using macros, and nothing we can do with it.
  3. Questioner

    Playerlist at the start

    Kinda agree, so i guess there will be about 90% of agreed players, nobody likes to play vs china numba uaaaan 300+ ping (alot of rude words in mind)
  4. Questioner

    PUBG free to play?

    Actually yes?
  5. Questioner

    Cheating Discussion

    So, lets finally find out, why there so many chinese playing with cheats. Why all the chinese we have on RU/EU servers are cheating, why do they EVEN play on our servers? how much ping chinese have on AS server? how much do they have on EU/RU? why there like 60 out of 100 people on any server i play are asians? Are AS servers are bad or lagging so they have must to use VPN to play lag-free servers? Do you remember times when you was allowed to choose servers, so when i tried AS Servers there was ping of 200+ complete unplayable, so how can they play ours with no problems. Why last week there atleast 2 cheating ASIANS (yes they are asians) teams who cheating? are you chinese complete handless to play that good without soft? Any adecvate asians who can answer this question?
  6. I WANT ROGUE WARRIOR AND MAGE CLASSES OR YOU GET ENGINEER AND SPAWN MINES LIKE OMFG GTFO WITH BAZOOKA Also we gonna have mana and if you play warrior like , you can use double handed weapons , rogues could use only pistols and SMGs, and mages like a snipers. Yeah you gonna charge your bullets with fire or ice which ones gonna fire up or slow down your enemys. YEAH THAT GONNA BE COOL
  7. Questioner

    Who actually likes flare guns?

    If you a monkey with an assault rifle there is no use for flare guns. So if you only can sit in toilets till the game ends there is no reason to act with.
  8. Questioner

    PUBGs ban stats

    By massive reports, not a anticheat as it.
  9. Wow crybabies whole the way. Git gud guys
  10. Questioner

    PUBGs ban stats

  11. Questioner

    PUBGs ban stats

    So, hello everyone, dont mind my english, its third languange that i speak. Im an old player, playing PUBG since april 2017 so there should be no questions about git gud or other thing, its about to prevent common hints. As (AS lol, chaina numba uaaan) we know PUBG publishes ban stats for each months, like their anticheat have banned 10k accounts per month or about that number. So the question is: If most of the players get banned because of multiple reports ingame > WHAT THE F*** YOUR ANTICHEAT DOING FOR US ? just exists? what is your work in this process when you say like " battleeye have banned bla bla bla thousands fof accounts" if most of the accounts are report stats bans?! If you still dont understand what i mean there is easy mode : you playing the game > get killed by cheater> reported him > 10 players or more reported him in the same game > he get into PUBG patrol > 3 days later he gets permaban or unbanned > the end. So where is battleeye part? all the bans we have atm its because of players reports. Your piece of trash anticheat does nothing. Is that ok?
  12. Questioner

    #unknown at pubg.op.gg = cheaters?

    Read the pubg.op.gg FAQ so you will know...