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  1. Today I just saw that there might be a new PUBG map and I got really confused. Do you guys know anything about that? Is it only for mobile or also for PC? This is how that map was supposed to look and the name of the map is Venezia
  2. I bought this game almost 2 years ago and I would have no problems for this game to be free to play now. What do you think?
  3. I really hope this is not the case. The game will become- loot up, go to the closest compound, shoot from the distance, wait for the circle, run into the next compound before anyone else comes, repeat...
  4. @my_cholula I said some of them, but yeah I agree with you that some of those things can be changed either and are not hard to fix (they said that weapon balance will be somewhere in this year again (hopefully it gets better)). But this what I have mentioned can be put into this category and I don't see big issue with implementing it (it would take one afternoon) if the idea makes some sense.
  5. @my_cholula what is the benefit of a suppressor on a sniper rifle? On DMR or AR I would see your point, since it reduces a recoil, but for SR I don't see any use of it. Edited: what is the benefit of a compensator on a sniper rifle? On DMR or AR I would see your point, since it reduces a recoil, but for SR I don't see any use of it. I made a typing mistake.
  6. @Freeze339 Many of the things that you have mentioned are more difficult stuff to do where completely new code or design needs to be introduced. What I've proposed here is way simpler task to do and does not require completely new code to be created, but it brings back some of the attachments that are of no use at the moment. At the moment only SR suppressor is useful for sniper rifles, everything else is useless since attachments for an AR can be used for DMR's.
  7. Hi, I would suggest that AR and SR attachments have small differences when they are used on DMR's. Since it is possible for a DMR to use an AR attachments like extended, compressor etc. it would be good if they are not as useful as SR attachments in order to give some meaning to them in the game. One of the ideas could be to reduce extended AR to 15/25 bullets when they are used on DMR's or AR compensator reduces less recoil then SR compensator(when used on DMR weapon) etc. This could be applied to all attachments that are used on DMR weapons and will make them useful again at least to some extent.
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