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  1. I dont see anywhere in his comment that even implies that! Im sure he acknowledges there is infact lag and decync, but i think the main point hes making is why make it worse? Region lock for all👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👌
  2. Screw them and their parity bullshit, better system=better play experience, its that simple, those that dont like it can upgrade. Again like i said, on pc, lower end pcs get what they pay for, they don’t complain about top end pcs having better gameplay. Its god damn stupid.
  3. And before they nerfed the one x, nerfed the rendering, nerfed draw rate distance, and all for what, stable(ish) sub par frames?🤣 Its a joke! And ill say it again, the one x players should 100% absolutely have a better play experience due to better graphics and fps because they paid the extra, yet got f_cked by pubg corp for doing so. I dont give a rats @$$ about console parity-equality because it “should” be like pc and the better system “should” play it better. If i go to walmart and drop $300 on a desktop and cant get 40fps are they gonna cap everyone else at my computers limitations? Didnt think so......
  4. Was really hoping it would include a fix for the blank mission progress bug cause that one is driving me nuts!! @PUBG_Andymh5
  5. Almost wish i was as unlucky as op, in the last 2 days ive gotten vikendi twice, erangel about 6 times, and the rest were on that pos miramar😡 In a way i wish we could have full map selection and when miramar dies, so be it. Sorry for those who actually like it but I personally wouldnt miss it. Also i think @SandmaN20 is right in saying it goes in streaks, and lately the streaks havent been favourable for me.
  6. @PUBG_Andymh5 Any chance this may be getting looked into? Im sure you yourself have been bitten by it a time or two!
  7. I just don’t know why it’s different than pc, it makes no sense considering we have a ported version of the pc game, why would they change that part of the coding?
  8. Id be fine if they left the actual vehicle durability alone but fixed how much damage your character takes if you hit anything. Just now i squeezed through a bridge block only to hit their getaway vehicle on the other side, put me right down to about 10 hp, needless to say i didnt survive. So frustrating though after watching pc streams and how they can rally in the vehicles without fear and ive killed myself in the field east of pochinki numerous times. Not as bad as it once was but still far from on par with pc which is what I thought the devs were going for?🤔
  9. You bet, and hopefully when we do it wont be anything like the sanhok massacre from andy and his elitist’s yesterday!🤣
  10. Awesome, my game crashed. Damn pubg
  11. Yayyyyy, maybe ill make it into this one!!
  12. Damn you harold, you werent kidding about starting on the hour! Was just backing out of a warmup warmode and wasnt able to join right on the hour!!! Oh well, not a fan of sanhok anyways!
  13. So whos pubglookup stats are those really hmmm?
  14. yes sir, the western canadian who found 4 or 5 kar98’s in bootcamp!
  15. Lol, sorry bout your helmet! I got one of you twice and then another once, 3 different kar98 headshots, zero knocks!😫
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