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  1. Dinnerforone

    Elite controller

    Wow im worried now, i finally bit the bullet for an early Christmas present to myself, no problems yet but now im worried, and like others i could never go back, so nice to open doors, loot, jump, and crouch all without having to take my thumb of the right stick so i can jump around a guy never losing my target or peek over a wall etc... well worth the money imo.
  2. Dinnerforone

    What Do You Want the Next Map to Be?

    +1 I dont give a flying ____ about any content related anything, skins, clothing, or maps at this point, as non of it is relevant in a game with all the problems this game has. I want grass and buildings to render as far as i can see, i want guns on the ground so i can decide where exactly i want to land, i want my bullets to damage the enemy when they hit them and not get hit my a barrage of bullets after ive gotten into cover, i want to hear enemy footsteps when they are running up on me, i want a nice crisp clear retical on the 2x scope, i want a customization menu i can navigate without a two second delay each time i press a button, i want vehicles to shut off when i get out of them, and also when they are out of fuel!!, i want ping locked servers so i dont have to keep dying to 300+ms players skipping about on my screen. Now i know there is different teams working on content and bugs but at this point i feel both teams need to really focus on optimization and performance to keep the remaining playerbase and then when its for the most part fixed they can get back to content to lure more players to a game that plays respectably.
  3. Dinnerforone

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    So after a few days of trying out the update heres my findings- Pros-Snowbike -Cqc fps increase Cons-Initial rendering worse. -Decreased draw rate (playdough buildings now only 100m despite what scope). -Hit reg and desync even worse than before. -Loading screen while hearing the plane and not loading in until half way across the map 9/10 games. -Enemy footsteps cant be heard from 10+ feet. -Losing connection to host. -Game crashing. -Game intermittently freezing when picking up early game loot. -Care package plane directional sounds still inaccurate. -Sounds in general (gunfire, grenades, vehicles) do not correlate with actual distance from player. -Game and customization menus still a laggy mess. -Smoke grenades still turn the game into a slideshow. Thats about all for now, but this all seems to me like major degradation from pre miramar performance, where things were rendered as far as you could see, you could actually track and shoot at enemies 1000m away, there was no such thing as playdough, weapons were loaded as you were parachuting so you could choose what gun you wanted to land on. Now does that sound like a good trade off? Hardly noticeable fps stability for a ongoing list of sacrifices? I think i would rather have them roll back to pre miramar and then just stop wasting time on this mess and go ahead and work on a pubg 2 or pubg lite for console because at this rate, how many more sacrifices can the game take to accomplish virtually nothing? And dont get me wrong, the game in some aspects does play better than ever, but at what cost?
  4. Dinnerforone

    Flare Gun

    Its not below the mini map, its in the bottom right corner of your screen when you open your map.👍👍👍👍👍
  5. Dinnerforone

    Flare Gun

    Sure it looks bad ass, but you cant shoot out of it due to the bars on the windows. Playing a game of random squads last night, one of the others rolled up in it, we all jumped in and headed for circle, well the first group of buildings we drove by another team came out and started shooting. I was genuinely impressed with the durability as the bar wasnt going down at all, I thought “oh this is awesome”, then me and another got knocked and fell out. Needless to say im no longer all that impressed, apparently it is only the uaz that is armoured and not the defenceless occupants inside.
  6. What is in the actual 20gb? I mean the maps and weapons and everything are on thier server right, and thats why it has rendering problems and all because the game is for lack of better word, streamed to us live is it not?
  7. Brace yourself for some major disappointment! I upgraded back when there was a benefit of doing so but only got to enjoy it for about a week before they over nerfed the hell out of the X. The one x has rendering issues aswell where for 30 seconds the floors are marshmellow and you have to use the inventory menu to pick up items if they are there, but most often the guns take forever to load, long after buildings and interiors. A few months back i switched back to my day one og xbox and was amazed how much better the hit reg was and how the frames were stable in most situations, except molotovs and smokes of course! I feel this is where the bigger advantage lays, where even though its harder on the eyes i dont think the og struggles as bad in gunfights to keep the frames up due to lower graphic/resolution settings and find that i win many more cqc situations than i do with my one x. What frustrates me is when i switch back to my one x and am feeling aggressive and push, i get wrecked and feel like i have won many of the exact same situations on my og. Like ive said in previous posts, im sure all this ties into the fps vs fire rate theory and fps stability helps not only muscle memory but also fire rate of weapons that syncronize with the frames each console produces. Let us know what you find for yourself though please.✌️
  8. Why dont you go spend about 30 seconds on google before you make such claims?
  9. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha What game are “you” playing? If you dont think there is anything wrong with this game i can only inagine your about as efficient of a player and player unknown himself!!!!! Get real!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤦‍♂️
  10. Dinnerforone

    Nade bug

    Sorry that came out the way it did, reading it back it seems a little rude, but unless you remapped LB to LT, from what I understand from the way you wrote it, your saying LB changes your stance? And like i said, i have dropped controllers and had the bumpers quit working properly, then taken them apart to fix them, and the buttons just cant physically affect one another, their movement paths and inner functions are completely separate and on opposite sides of the motherboard. Even where the trigger and bumper mount into the housing, they have separate hinges that are offset 90 degrees from one another.
  11. Well put it this way, IF we ALL banded together and boycotted any passes,skins, and in game purchases altogether until us players got a noticable improvement in gameplay, whether it was an increase in fps, or proper rendering (without ssd), or an equal experience across all 3 consoles (as it is now the og is at a major advantage and the one x has been wayyyyyyy over nerfed) or a better server and server location to equal out the playing field and take away the massive advantage some have over others, then how long do you think it would take for them to actually implement some of these things? As it stands they have no reason to because from what i can tell they have basically the same mentality as you, “dont buy it then” as that is only one potential sale, but if they lost all potential sales id bet things would start happening fast.
  12. Very constructive!!! Thank you soooooo much for your input!
  13. Dinnerforone

    Nade bug

    Ummmm, that doesnt make any sense, not only is that backwards from how the controller is mapped, but also due to faulty controllers in the past, ive taken a few apart to inspect and repair and in no way can LT affect LB or vice versa.
  14. Dinnerforone

    Map polling

    100% disagree, but would like to hear your reasoning as to why you believe miramar is in anyway better? Is it the lack of cover other than 3 rocks in the whole map and the ridges of hills, or the unpolished terrain that stops a pickup dead in its tracks everywhere, or the trees and cacti's that are to small to use as cover, the hills that are to steep to traverse that you fall to your death on, the abundance of shotguns and pistols, the scarcity of bolt actions and optics, the unused yet prime parts of the map that have never ever hosted a final circle? Sorry to be so negative but i dont see many positive things about miramar, however i do think it could be vastly improved as it imho does not “beat the snot” out of any map presently.
  15. Dinnerforone

    Our April Fools Day

    All weapons removed for the day, except for frying pans reskinned as rubber chickens!